All the key astrological dates in May – and what they mean for you

There are plenty of astrological transits and events happening this May.

Lining up your tasks, priorities and to-do list with the relevant cosmic energy influences is a short-cut to getting a quick and easy boost this month.

Do the right thing on the right day and you might find it goes a little better than you thought.

Here are the key dates for your diary – including Full and New Moons, planetary transits, and last leg of Taurus season – as well as what they mean for you.

May 2 – Pluto retrograde in Aquarius

You have until October 10 to ride on the cosmic vibes of this transit. It’s a great time to look within, heal, rediscover your unique power, get counselling or therapy if you have unresolved trauma or anxiety.

See this coming five months as a time of important and lasting self development and personal growth.

May 5 – Full Moon in Scorpio

Reflect on your thirst for rebirth, transformation, renewal and change. What is ‘dying’ in your life and what is waiting to be born? How ready and willing are you to shed a skin, release an old version of yourself… and step into 2.0 You?

This is a potent Full Moon for dwelling on your changing selfhood, identity, priorities, values, and outlook. You are a work in progress.

May 7 – Venus in Cancer

Venus is all about our relationships, pleasure and money. Cancer is an incredibly loving, passionate, and emotional sign so expect your love life to get a little intense, dramatic, fiery and fierce.

Stay calm, don’t let your feelings run away from you, don’t over-react. At the same time, put good energy into your relationships, treat them well, be kind, make loving gestures and all will be well. Time to have big heart-to-hearts too.

May 16 – Jupiter in Taurus

Lucky, abundant Jupiter arrives in Taurus until May 25, which brings fertility and good fortune to anything related to the land or economy.

It’s a good time to plant seeds – literally and metaphorically. It’s a good time to invest, save, initiate moneymaking schemes, garden and grow!

May 19 – New Moon in Taurus

Start new initiatives, activities, or investments which improve your comfort, security and pleasure.

Sow seeds that can grow into things which keep you safe, build wealth, improve your living environment, or simply make you happy. Want to live ‘the good life’? Start designing and creating it now.

May 21 – Gemini season starts

Gemini, the twins, ruled by Mercury, Air element, mutable sign. A sign associated with communication, education, duality, cleverness, fun, trickery and mischief. Gemini season is bound to be playful, fun, interesting, and carefree.

Do what makes you happy, socialise, travel, mingle, flirt, play games. Embrace the lighter side of life!

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