Amy Schumer’s Response To Criticism For Returning To Work Weeks After Giving Birth Is Epic

Amy Schumer has been a mom for just two weeks, but she’s already decided to return to work. And that very personal decision has fans criticising her parenting skills. But the 37-year-old actress and comedienne is not taking all this mommy-shaming too seriously. In fact, she had some choice words for all her shamers on Instagram. Amy Schumer’s response to mommy-shamers is pretty epic and exactly what you’d expect from a funny woman like her.

Schumer gave birth to her first child — a son she named Gene Attell — on Sunday, May 5 and by Sunday, May 9, she was already back on stage performing stand-up. Schumer took to Instagram to share with her fans that she had returned to work and instead of being met with positive, empowering comments, the comedienne was treated to a whole bunch of mommy-shaming.

“You might feel good now but your body is not healed… it needs a few weeks at least and this is asking for problems with your body in the next months ?,” one fan wrote in the comments of Schumer’s Instagram post.

Another fan assumed that Schumer wouldn’t be raising her son on her own, commenting, “She hired someone to help her give birth, and she will hire someone to raise this boy .. please everyone wake up and don’t compare yourself to celeb moms. THEY HAVE HELP !!! we don’t”

Yikes. Some fans are clearly upset that Schumer went back to work so soon.

Luckily, Schumer also had some support from her close friends. Molly McNearney, who’s married to Jimmy Kimmel, was one of them.

“And … here comes the mom shaming … ughhhhhhhhhhh,” McNearney wrote.

Schumer, of course, had the most epic response. “I’ve always wanted to be mom shamed!!!!”

Journalist Jessica Yellin also commented in support of Schumer’s decision to return to work. “I can only imagine what a pump room looks like at a comedy club. Welcome back,” she wrote.

Schumer had some comedy for that comment as well. “Every room is a pump room if you put your mind to it,” she responded.

So, Schumer is clearly taking all of this in stride, as she should. Schumer had a rather difficult pregnancy and spent the whole of those nine months basically being a superhero in order to make it through some of the tougher moments.

For example, Schumer had to cancel a gig in November 2018 to make sure her health was intact. She took to Instagram at the time to share her struggles with her fans. Here’s what she wrote in the caption of the post:

And here’s the photo she shared along with it:

Unfortunately for Schumer, she had to cancel a couple of shows during her pregnancy and it seems like now that she’s given birth, she’s ready to jump back in the saddle as soon as possible. And good for her for doing so!

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