Anti-Brexit campaigners plow giant message into field

LONDON — Anti-Brexit campaigners have plowed a protest message in giant letters reading “Britain now wants to remain” into a field in rural southern England, as Britain’s exit from the European Union hangs on a knife edge.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson scrambled on Friday to persuade doubters to rally behind his last-minute European Union divorce deal in an extraordinary vote in parliament due on Saturday.

Crowdfunded campaign group Led By Donkeys released helicopter footage showing a tractor putting the finishing touches on 40-metre (130-foot) high letters plowed into a field belonging to an anti-Brexit farmer in the county of Wiltshire in southwest England.

In the video here a voter identified as Lisa says she opted for Brexit in the 2016 referendum but has since changed her mind.

“People say to me about 17.4 million people voted for this and that’s what they want. I’m one of those 17.4 million and that is not what I want, that is not what I voted for. I want vote my back. I’ve had my vote stolen and I want it back.”

Britons voted by 52 percent-48 percent to leave the EU in 2016.

One of the four founders of the campaign, Olly Knowles, said opinion polls showed Britain no longer wanted to leave the European Union.

“Boris Johnson may have a deal but he doesn’t have the support of the public… The will of the people has changed.”

However, opinion polls have shown only minor fluctuations in voters’ views on Brexit since the 2016 referendum and the outcome of any second referendum remains difficult to predict. Much would hinge on turnout.

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