Bad hair day? Shoppers don't know her after using this 'game-changing' mask

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If you’ve ever been personally victimised by dry and damaged hair, shoppers say this mask transforms their sad strands – even after just one use.

Could this be the end of all bad hair days?

The Hydro Rush mask from Amika apparently aims to leave your hair five times more hydrated (seems excessive, but we’ll take it), while also helping prevent breakage, make it stronger and detangle knots. And perhaps if we ask nicely it’ll even unpack the dishwasher.

‘Loved this hair mask! I was a little worried that it would weigh down my thin hair, but it just left my hair shiny and hydrated,’ one lucky user, who was able to roadtest the new mask through Amika, said. ‘My hair felt and looked healthier for the next 4 days. I also enjoyed the scent, wasn’t overpowering. A little product goes a long way!’

One went so far as to call it their ‘holy grail’ hair product, while another raved it was ‘the best hair mask I’ve tried so far’.

Leaving one user shocked, another roadtest review read: ‘I was pleasantly surprised at how soft and shiny my hair was after using this mask. My hair has a lot of color damage and tends to get super frizzy but this mask is a game changer! I will definitely be adding this as a weekly routine on my hair wash days.’

If you want to save some bucks (don’t we all?) then you’ll be pleased that because you’re a Metro reader you’ll get 20% off when you spend £60. Just use the code AMIKAEXCL20 to bag the deal.

Amika Hydro Rush Intense Hydration Mask

Healthy hair is plain hot and we can’t say that we don’t gawk at the glossy tresses sported by the beauty influencers on our explore page regularly.

Not only can we apparently experience this frankly holy level of hydration (five times more hydrated is just one step closer to heaven, because that S Club song never did leave us), but the mask also aims to leave hair more hydrated for several days.

So, it’s saying we can use it on our self-care Sunday and have a whole working week of dreamy hair. Right?

If you hate hair breakage (those flyaway hairs can really ruin a runway-worthy ponytail, ngl) then this mask is for you, as the brand claims the product can reduce breakage by a tidy 76%. And much like a Britney Spears banger, it makes it 4.2 times stronger than yesterday, too.

And if there’s one hair mask that you can lavish on with a guilt-free conscience, this is it: the brand says the mask has never been tested on animals, it is vegan-certified and cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny Certified.

It’s also eco-friendly with 100% recyclable packaging and you can recycle it for free using Terracycle for all the sustainable huns out there.

If that wasn’t enough to make us feel like we have a little halo on our heads, the mask also contains no nasties, no sulfates, SLS, parabens, phthalates, or over 1300 ingredients that are banned by the EU, but instead is packed with sea buckthorn (one of the most potent natural ingredients in the mask, apparently).

Give sea buckthorn a Google and you’ll see that it’s a pretty funky-looking orange plant. The ones used in this mask are organic, sustainable, fair trade and responsibly grown.

But even with all this, we reckon that no one will spot the halo floating above our heads because they’ll probably be eyeing up our lush, hydrated hair…

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