Bebe Rexha Responds to Rumors She's Gotten Butt Implants

Um, apparently certain corners of the internet have nothing better to do that sit around wondering whether or not Bebe Rexha has had plastic surgery, and now she’s out here shutting down butt implant rumors.

Bebe opened up in Health, saying she’s too “scared to go under the knife” and that she thinks plastic surgery rumors about her getting her butt done are funny. “I’ve never had my butt done. I’ve never had my nose done,” she said. “Actually, I have a deviated septum, and I keep getting sinus infections, and I’m scared to get that [fixed]. I’m scared to go under the knife—I don’t want it to mess up my nose!”

Lololol thanks for having me @livekellyandryan I was so nervous but I had a blast!!! Here is a back shot of @ryanseacrest and I to brighten up your Friday.

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Genuinely, can you imagine how weird (and awful) it must feel to know that the internet is speculating about whether or not you’ve had butt implants? What a world. Anyway, Bebe added that fans will be the first to know if and when she has any procedures. “If I got work done, I would definitely say it,” she explains. “I definitely want to get my boobs lifted one day. If it makes me feel better and sexy? I’m like, do whatever you want.”

Happy Spring. Everything is blooming 🌸

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Preach to doing what makes you feel better and sexy sans judgement from random strangers.

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