Ben Affleck pokes fun at ‘unhappy’ resting face: ‘Don’t punish me for it’

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Ben Affleck is poking fun at his often dispirited public facial expressions, arguing that’s just “how God made” him.

The “Argo” star — who has become a popular meme source for his despondent demeanor — shared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Tuesday that the assumption he isn’t happy is just a “common misconception.”

“Listen, I have a very unhappy-looking resting face,” Affleck, 50, joked.

“This is me content,” the “Good Will Hunting” actor said as his face dropped into a blank expression.

”This is me amused,” he added, making a similar, serious-looking gesture. “That’s how God made me. You don’t have to punish me for it.”

Affleck’s jest comes after social media users were ablaze over how “miserable” he looked at the 2023 Grammys on Feb. 5.

The “Justice League” star – who married Jennifer Lopez in July 2022 – looked less than thrilled when cameras cut to him and his wife having what appeared to be an intense conversation during a Trevor Noah skit at the awards show.

“However bad of a day you’re having, I promise you’re not as miserable as Ben Affleck at the Grammys right now,” one person tweeted after a sullen Affleck seemed to be accosted by Lopez, 53, during the event.

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A body language expert later told Page Six that the exchange between Affleck and Lopez was “reproachful.”

However, Affleck later cleared the air about what really happened that night, telling Vanity Fair in an interview released on March 16 that he was merely joking with his wife.

When he realized the camera crew was “framing” them in the shot, he remembered saying to Lopez, “As soon they start rolling, I’m going to slide away from you and leave you sitting next to Trevor.”

“She goes, ‘You better f–king not leave,’” Affleck explained, adding, “That’s a husband-and-wife thing. I mean, some of it is. I’m like, ‘All right, who is this act?’”

Meanwhile, Lopez previously said via Instagram that, despite the assumption that her hubby wasn’t happy during the Grammys, they had the “best time.”

The “Marry Me” actress also poked her own fun at her husband’s solemn appearance via Twitter on Feb. 9. She shared a clip showing Affleck’s classic blank expression in a trailer for his film “Air” – with “MY HUSBAND’S HAPPY FACE” written across the screen.

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