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WITH so many retailers cutting their prices at the end of November, Black Friday is a great time of year to be looking for a new phone deal.

Whatever your handset of choice, you can be sure that one of the retailers will be cutting the price on a model you like the look of.

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More than any other time of year, it makes sense to do your research and shop around on Black Friday, though, as a few minutes of searching can help you save loads of money on your next phone contract.

And make sure you can leave your current contract without incurring any additional charges when you get a new deal; there's no point in saving money each month if you have to pay a hefty cancellation fee on your current deal!

Which retailer will have the best Black Friday phone deals?

It's hard to say what constitutes the best phone deals, as it will depend on what you're after. Most shoppers will be looking for big data plans, with low (or no) upfront cost and a reasonable bill at the end of each month.

But what we can say is that there's an awful lot of rivalry among phone networks and providers during Black Friday, and they'll each be trying to offer the lowest rates possible.

We reckon you're much more likely to get a bargain on whatever handset you're looking for by visiting one of the sites listed below.

  • Affordable Mobiles
  • Carphone Warehouse
  • EE
  • Mobile Phones Direct
  • Fonehouse
  • ID Mobiles
  • Samsung
  • Buy Mobiles
  • Three
  • Vodafone
  • O2
  • Giff Gaff
  • Voxi

When is Black Friday 2023

This year Black Friday falls on November 24, the annual shopping event is always the Friday after the US holiday, Thanksgiving.

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Now the shopping holiday is celebrated worldwide with pretty much all retailers and brands taking part in their own unique promotions.

When is Cyber Monday 2023?

The penultimate day of the Cyber Weekend, known as Cyber Monday is always the Monday directly after Black Friday.

Whilst it was commonly seen as the last day of the big deals, many retailers in recent years have chosen to extend their offers to customers past the Cyber Weekend and into December.

Will phones be cheaper on Black Friday?

It can be tricky to work out when phones are at their absolute cheapest because so many websites run several sales throughout the year.

Pretty much every online tech retailer will have some form of Black Friday sale, but there's no guarantee these deals will be better than the offers they had earlier in 2023.

That said, with the sheer number of phone deals on offer over Black Friday, we'd be surprised if there weren't a good number of genuine deals on mobiles when the tail end of November rolls around.

This can be all the more likely with newer models set to be released at the end of the year, making their predecessor significantly cheaper.

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Is Black Friday a good time to get a new phone contract?

As we've explained above, there will be a good number of phone deals to be found around Black Friday.

However, there's no point buying a great deal on a new handset if you've still got to pay your old one off for months at the same time.

If possible, a good option would be to let your phone contract expire to a month-to-month contract and then wait until Black Friday to get a new two-year deal.

That way you'll be looking to renew your phone contract during Black Friday every other year, which should help you find the most competitive price every time you'd like to upgrade.

Alternatively, as prices do get so competitive, we'd say if you're buying someone a phone as a Christmas gift, it might be a great time to snap up a complete steal.

When do Black Friday phone deals start?

For many tech retailers, the start of November is the starting gun for Black Friday deals.

Most of the exclusive offers might not come out until the big day – however, you'll find early bird deals from as early as November 1.

Should I wait until Black Friday to buy a new phone?

If you're set on buying a new phone, we'd say you're best off waiting until the day of Black Friday itself to buy, as that's when you'll have the most possible options.

If you decide to buy earlier than that, it's worth checking to see if the retailer you're buying from has a price promise i.e. that they won't reduce the price even further come Black Friday.

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What Black Friday phone deals to expect in 2023

We think you'll be able to find a Black Friday deal or two on basically every leading handset at some point in November.

The most popular offers tend to be on iPhones and Samsung Galaxy handsets, but there'll be offers to be found on Google, Huawei and OPPO too.

Will there be any iPhone deals this year?

Phone sellers like to focus on iPhones around Black Friday because people can't get enough of Apple products.

Since there are so many retailers offering Black Friday prices these days, it's an especially good time to get a deal as various stores will be competing to provide the best deals.

Last year, eBay was one of the retailers offering huge discounts on refurbished products from the likes of Apple, Dyson and more.

If your phone contract is winding down, keep your eyes peeled for iPhone deals from mid-November as there are sure to be some good ones, especially now that the iPhone 15 has been announced.

What Android phone deals should I look out for?

Black Friday is set to offer up a wide range of Android phone deals. Samsung Galaxy handsets are pretty much guaranteed to have their prices slashed.

It's also a great time to snag a deal on Samsung tablets and other pieces of tech.

You'll often get more for your money if you choose a phone not made by Apple or Samsung, so if you're looking for a phone contract with a lot of data, shop around for Android phones this Black Friday.

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How do I get the best price on a phone this Black Friday?

You should do your research on the phone you want to buy ahead of time, so you know what a good deal is when you see one.

There are so many retailers fighting to offer consumers the best deal, having a scan around the web and comparing deals can help you save big.

Also, consider how much money you're willing to spend, then try to stick to it – trust us, it's easy to get sucked into the excitement of Black Friday and end up spending far more than you should.

If you want to ensure you're getting the best possible price on a new phone on Black Friday follow these simple steps:

  • Break out your calculator and work out the monthly cost over the length of the contract (usually by 24, but not always).
  • Add up any upfront costs to the total cost of the contract.
  • Compare this against any other offers that catch your eye to see if you really are paying the cheapest price over the term of the contract.

Remember, the best Black Friday phone deals are likely to be on older models, so providing you're not someone who has to have a brand new flagship device, we think you'll find what you're looking for at a great price.

What Black Friday phone deals were on offer in 2022?

Check out some of the highlights from the fantastic offers from Apple, Samsung and Google from 2022 below:



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  • Apple iPhone 14: 100GB data, £46 per month, £0 upfront (Three) – buy from Fonehouse
  • Apple iPhone 14: 350GB data, £43 per month, £9 upfront (Vodafone) – buy from Fonehouse
  • Apple iPhone 14: 100GB data, £37 per month, £120 upfront (Vodafone) – buy from
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – 100GB data, £46 per month, £0 upfront – buy from Affordable Mobiles
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 – 100GB data, £34.61 per month, £30 upfront – buy from O2
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE – 100GB data, £27 per month, £0 upfront – buy from Fonehouse
  • Google Pixel 7 Pro – 100GB data, £40 per month, £0 upfront – buy from Buymobiles
  • Google Pixel 6 – Unlimited data, £28 per month, £0 upfront – buy from
  • Google Pixel 7 – 250GB data, £32 per month, £0 upfront – buy from Buymobiles

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