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A NEW pan is a treat for any chef – whether amateur or pro – which is why finding the best saucepan for your needs is important.

No scratches on its shiny metallic surface, fully in-tact Teflon coatings and promises of longevity is what we all hope for from the perfect pan…

What are the best non stick saucepans?

With the internet awash with non-stick options, ceramic pieces and those promising they're easy to clean (sure) – it's a tough choice.

You want your next saucepan to go the distance, which is why we've taken some time to research some of the best options on the market.

Based on our expert opinions and customer reviews, we are looking to ensure that your next one isn't a dud.

From Tefal to John Lewis, your next pan awaits you ready to help you cook – even if you're not a dab-hand in the kitchen.

1. Best Stay-cool Metal Handle

  • John Lewis & Partners Classic Lidded Saucepan, 14cm, £37 – buy here

Made from stainless steel, this pan is sturdy and low-maintenance – especially because it resists corrosion.

A handle that keeps cool is always a bonus and reduces risk of burns – but it's rare to find one that is metal and not plastic.

John Lewis however, seems to have solved that problem.

And after using it, if you need to keep the contents warm for longer, you can pop it in the oven as it's safe in up to 180c temperatures.

The fact you can slot it into your dishwasher after use is pretty appealing too – more time for TV!

2. Best Easy-Clean Design

  • Tower Cerastone Saucepan, 22 cm, £21.99 from Amazon – buy here

The best thing about ceramic pans is demonstrated perfectly in this Tower Cerastone version.

Food doesn't stick to its surface easily, so it's a dream to clean – even more so because it's dishwasher-safe and features a glass lid.

It's finished with a handle that will stay cool so you can leave those oven-gloves on the side without fear of getting burnt.

3. Best Looking Saucepan

  • Prestige Vintage 19cm Saucepan with Lid, £15.99 from Wayfair – buy here

The striking design of this pan speaks for itself.

The retro cool stripes have a bit of a nautical feel to them and they've been designed to specifically avoid fading over time.

It's been made from trusty durable stainless steel too, so it's harder to scratch and easy to keep clean – we all know that's no mean feat.

4. Best Cast Iron Option

  • Le Creuset Cast Iron Saucepan, 20cm, £170 from Amazon – buy here

Le Creuset is a pricey option but usually on most cooks' wishlists.

And no wonder – each pot is hand-made in France and should last a lifelong- and there's a lifetime guarantee to prove it.

They are perfect for slow cooking stews, risottos and soups.

And, while boiling can take its time, it retains heat exceptionally well – meaning you can bring food from stove to table.

It'll even stay warm by the time you're on to a second helping.

5. Best Space-saving Design 

  • Tefal Ingenio Essential 18 cm Non-stick Saucepan, £28.99 from Amazon – buy here

This Tefal saucepan is all about ease.

Food served will glide effortlessly from pan to plate and you won't spend hours scrubbing off burnt bits because of the non-stick coating.

Durability is often a downside to non-stick pans, but with rave reviews and one calling this model "the best thing since sliced bread" – we're not too worried.

The removable handle is genius – it makes the pot much easier to stack into others, even in compact cupboards.

What's more, when the plastic handle is detached, this versatile pan is oven-safe up to a whopping 260 degrees.

5. Best For The Environment

  • GreenPan Venice Saucepan with lid, £36.90 from Amazon – buy here

This pan does its job while doing its bit for the environment.

It's finished with a specialised coating that means no toxins will be released into the atmosphere when you heat it up.

The hardened aluminium shell and Thermalon ceramic non-stick coating interior, makes this one of the most resilient non-stick pans you can buy – longevity is worth every penny.

6. Best Value

  • Argos Home 20cm Aluminium Saucepan, £18 from Argos – buy here

A trusty pan that's just £18 – you really can't go wrong price-wise.

It's made from aluminium, which is known for its even heat distribution – meaning you'll be able to avoid pesky hot spots with this purchase.

It's a decent size at 20cm and non-stick, so you're getting a lot of bang for your buck here.


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