Big Brother’s Kerry’s salary revealed after controversial ‘higher tax bracket’ remarks

Kerry Riches, one of the current housemates in the 2023 Big Brother reboot, has been receiving a slew of backlash following her "higher tax bracket" comments during a recent episode of the iconic reality show.

The controversy comes after 40 year old Kerry was having a conversation with her fellow housemates, food writer Henry, model Zak and barman, Jenkin about the average salaries of MPs in comparison to the average UK wage.

After stating that MPs "don't get paid that much," 25 year old Henry stepped in to dispute Kerry's statement, sharing that they make between £60,000 to £70,000 a year. (According to the UK Parliament, the basic annual salary for an MP is actually £86,584.)

Following this, Zak went on to school Kerry on the average UK wage, telling her that most people make around £20,000 a year. Jenkin then revealed how much he earned when he was in between jobs, sharing that he received £250 a month when applying for Universal Credit.

Visibly shocked, Kerry expressed her sympathy for 25 year old Jenkin, who currently works as a barman, cleaner and bingo caller in Wales.

"That's really shocked me. I think I should stop moaning about being in the higher tax bracket because it p***es me off but then I hear that," she said in response.

However, Kerry then added how unfair she thinks it is having to pay the higher tax bracket, revealing that she "begrudges" is "massively."

After Kerry made the comments on Sunday night's episode, plenty of viewers have since taken to Twitter to label her remarks as "tone deaf," where the senior NHS manager's wage has also been exposed.

Right now, it's believed that Kerry's role earns her between £58,972 to £68,525 a year.

"If Kerry is in the highest tax bracket then why is she in the Big Brother house? Isn’t what she’s getting enough?" one Twitter user said referring to the £100,000 cash prize, as a second sarcastically penned: "Kerry in the higher tax band, clearly needs to win the 100k prize from Big Brother right?"

For those unaware of the tax bands (which are also different if you live in Scotland), the higher tax bracket has a tax rate of 40%, and is implemented if your wage is between £50,271 and £125,140.

The basic rate is 20%, and is applied to those who earn £12,571 to £50,270.

The additional rate is 45% if you earn above £125,140.

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