Bloke stuns TikTok users as he makes every ingredient for pizza from pineapples

Whether or not you believe pineapple belongs on a pizza – surely we can all agree one bloke took the debate a little too far.

A creative cook, who posts to TikTok as @whathowtry, has created a series of videos entitled 'will it pizza?' where he makes unique – and bizarre – pizzas from a single food.

In one of his more questionable choices, he gained more than 263,000 likes on the app from creating the base, sauce and cheese from pineapple products which left social media users baffled.

Explaining how he did it in the clip, he said: "We're going to be making pizza with only pineapple as best we can. So, we're gonna make the base with dried pineapple, turn that into flour.

"The cheese with this pineapple juice. And finally, we're gonna make the sauce instead of tomatoes, we're gonna use pineapple.

The very first thing we need to do is what's called proofing our yeast. Let's pour some pineapple juice into here. Sprinkle some yeast in. Now, this probably won't do much because it's very acidic, but we can try.

"Chuck our dried pineapple into a blender here, but a tiny bit of flour to help dry it out. Now we'll give this a blender-owny. Put pineapple flour into a bowl, like, so it's looking good.

"Then we'll add our yeast pineapple juice in. We'll bring this together and keep adding more liquid into its for the right consistency. There's our base. We'll give it a little knead and then we'll let it sit for an hour or so.

"While our dough resting we're going to do is make our pineapple curds. Now for the cheese, we're going to heat this up to about 80 Fahrenheit. Then use our pineapple juice to knock out the curds, and pour hot milk into a jar.

"You can see our curds have separated from the milk. We've got pineapple flavour cheese. Just drain that off and dried our pineapple curds and you can see it's looking really good. So there's our cheese. We put that in the fridge.

"For our sauce. We're going to cut this pineapple. So let's do that. Now. You're just cutting this pineapple. Now the crazy thing about this is it contains enzymes that literally digest your skin as you're touching it, it's kind of mad.

"Add a touch of oregano and then I finished it off with the pineapple juice."

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He then added his toppings and baked the pizza to try it. In a follow-up video, he rated it a 6 out of 10 as he claims it wasn't too bad.

But many TikTok users just couldn't get their head around it, as one user wrote: "Pineapple doesn’t belong on a pizza so we’re now making it the pizza?"

Another added: "I'm Italian and this hurts."

A third said: "Most people that say that pineapple is bad on pizza when they never tried this."

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