Body modification fan with 62 piercings creeps fans out with two tongues

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A woman with 62 body piercings "dropped jaws" when she showed off the studs on her split tongue.

Body modification fanatic Laayn posted a video to give fans a "piercing tour" of the jewellery she has on her face and body.

The 18-year-old, from Arizona, US, started from her face and explained: "I have two forehead dermals, I have both of my eyebrows pierced.

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"I have two dermals on each cheek, then I have my nose bridge pierced."

She has another six studs on her nose, as well as a septum piercing.

Dermal piercings are notoriously difficult to deal with as they are implanted beneath the skin and can take a while to heal.

But when asked if they were painful, Laayn responded: "Dermals aren't too bad.

"Just keep it dry, only use a saline solution to clean, don't put pressure or anything near it and have a good quality jewellery."

The TikToker's cheeks are pierced with two big studs and she got herself a set of "angel fangs" on her upper lip.

Laayn continues: "I have an actual vertical vertebrae, my sting bites and my Medusa. I have a chin dermal and a few more on my ears.

"And then I have that underneath my collar bones pierced and I have got three dermals on my right hand and four on the other one."

The young woman stretched her navel piercing wider, showing two extra studs on both sides of her belly button.

Meanwhile, her knees and back are pierced with a set of flashy stones.

"And then in my mouth, I have both of my tongues pierced – I know that's the one everyone's been waiting to see!" she added.

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Fans were shocked when Laayn showed her split tongue with two black studs pierced in the middle.

One commented: "I was so confused at first when she said she also got her tongue(s) pierced – until I saw what she meant."

"I was not expecting the tongue, I gasped so loud," a second wrote.

And a third added: "When she said 'tongues', I was like 'what'."


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