Bouncer bitten by bare-chested thug hours after he was told son was going to die

A bouncer was bitten by a bare-chested thug hours after he was told his son would die.

James Hilpert ended up in the same hospital as his four-year-old boy after the attack at the Black Garter pub in Newcastle.

James' son Daniel was told the same day that there was no hope for son Daniel who was born with a major heart defect.

Drunken Alan Conway struck outside the city centre pub on January 25, Chronicle Live reports.

And seeing the thug jailed on Thursday, James has told how that day became one of the worst of his life.

The 29-year-old said: "I can say January 25 was not a good day for me. I was told there was no hope for Daniel and I was bitten by Conway.

"I had been told on that day at 2.10pm that there was no hope for him. I went to work and then this happened. I was back in the hospital where Daniel was. I couldn’t believe what was happening."

The violence erupted after Conway became embroiled in a disagreement with trouble-making teenagers in Newcastle city centre on a Friday night, during which he removed his top.

Caring James came to Conway’s aid by taking him inside the bar.

But despite already being highly intoxicated, Conway took advantage of the kindness by going to the bar to order a drink.

James took it off him due to the state he was in.

Conway then became more difficult and was removed from the pub, where he again took off his top and started kicking off, said James.

Amid suspicions he had a knife, door staff took him to the ground, at which point he threatened to knife them.

And as James held him down, he suddenly felt a sharp stinging pain in his arm as Conway sank his teeth into him.

Despite wearing two layers of clothing, the bite broke his skin and Conway was left with blood all over his mouth.

Now the 34-year-old, who was convicted of assault causing actual bodily harm after a trial at Newcastle Crown Court, has been jailed for two years.

“After he sank his teeth into my arm I thought; 'Oh my God, he’s knifed me',” said dad-of-two James.

“He latched onto my arm with his teeth and they went right through my white shirt and t-shirt. He broke the skin on my arm and he had blood on his mouth.

“It’s healed now but it has left a scar.

“At that moment I feared for my life because I thought he had a knife. I looked at him and I stared right into his eyes.

"I felt like I was looking into hell because his eyes were so black. He looked evil, he had an evil look on his face.

“He’s locked behind bars now and that is where he should be, they should throw away the key.

“No one should go to work and be assaulted. I first thought I had been stabbed and at that moment I thought of my kids having no dad. Jail is the best place for him.”

James, of Newcastle's West End, was taken to Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary where his son Daniel had been staying since October.

He had been born with a major heart defect and had undergone three operations. He then suffered a string of strokes that left the little boy unable to walk, talk or contain food or fluids.

Daniel battled on but died on May 2, and his funeral was held on May 17, the day after what would have been his fifth birthday. He was buried at the West Road Crematorium.

Conway, of Benwell, Newcastle, who has 76 previous conviction, was convicted of causing actual bodily harm in his absence after a trial at magistrates’ court.

Penny Hall, defending, said his defence would have been self-defence had he attended the trial.

The court heard as well as consuming alcohol, Conway had taken spice earlier that day and along with his Subutex prescription.

Miss Hall said: “He can’t remember much about the incident because of his intoxicated state.”

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