Bradley Cooper’s Burberry Polo Might Have a Hidden Message About His Ex

Breakups in general can be pretty awkward, from retelling the story of what happened to possibility of bumping into your ex when you least expect it. But at least we can all take comfort in knowing that we're not Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk. Aside from being in the public eye and likely being bombarded with romance rumors involving Lady Gaga, the exes recently stepped out wearing matching outfits.

Matching! Outfits!

On Monday, the two proved they're still in sync when it comes to style, as they both chose to wear pieces from Burberry. Shayk first made a statement in a dress that featured the brand's signature check, coordinating looks with the couple's daughter, Lea De Seine, at the playground. Later, Cooper stepped out in a black Burberry polo, and completed his outfit with a pair of khakis and sneakers.

Was this just a strange, former-couple coincidence or did they all plan this family fashion move? Is there a hidden message here about how the two are staying united despite breaking up, or was this just the day they decided to take photos for their family holiday card? Sigh. We'll probably never know, but we'll definitely continue to wonder.

Irina has been wearing a lot of Burberry as of late. First, she stepped out in a badass post-breakup jumpsuit. Now, she's standing out in her Vintage Check Cotton Tie-waist Shirt Dress, which rings in at $650.

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