Channing Tatum Picks Up A $5.6 Million Farmhouse

Magic Mike star, Channing Tatum just bought a stunning mid-century farmhouse that is every bit as impressive as that description would suggest. It’s far from being a quaint getaway, though. This atmospheric, 3300 square foot farmhouse also happens to have a guest house on the property, and comes with a $5.6 million price tag. As indicated by Hollywood Reporter, this stunning property is not a newly established property that’s created with farmhouse ambiance. It’s an authentic farmhouse built circa 1950, that has been well preserved and maintained in urban Mandeville Los Angeles.

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This property is every bit as enchanting as it sounds. The Hollywood Reporter gives a fabulous breakdown of the features this farmhouse boasts, saying; “downstairs are a wood-wrapped family room defined by its massive fireplace, a brick-and-stone behemoth that appears original to the property, and a full bathroom with floors stained an unusual shade of mint green. A wooden staircase ferries the homeowner and guests to the home’s loft-like upper level, where there’s a spare bedroom and skylit master — with its own private balcony — plus a skylit bathroom with a soaking tub.”

The serene, lush setting is the perfect backdrop to this gorgeous, well preserved property, and there’s a perfect blend of historic charm, meets modern day luxury.

Breathtaking exposed stone and perfectly aged wood are visible throughout the rustic-chic farmhouse, which truly looks warm and cozy from every angle.

The inside of the farmhouse features a series of oversized, elaborate chandeliers which are the perfect contrast against the more rustic elements within the home, such as all the exposed stone and brick detailing.

It’s not just the inside of this farmhouse that is rich with stunning views.

The exterior is just as impressive. The farmhouse is surrounded by very lush, mature trees and greenery, and the entire backdrop of the home screams serenity and vintage charm.

This tranquil, idyllic atmosphere is perfectly curated to offer a quiet getaway and optimal opportunities for relaxation. This is the perfect place for Channing to be able to escape to, to avoid the constant pressures of the media and curious on-lookers.

Those lucky enough to stay in the guest house will also be able to enjoy this garden oasis from the privacy of their own charming quarters. The guest house is a smaller version of the main property, and also oozes historic charm.

The property also includes a very natural pool setting, complete with over sized slabs of stone, a huge basketball court, and stone pathways that lead from one residence to another, and also to the lush garden.

Truly a magical getaway, this farmhouse offers Tatum the perfect opportunity to kick back and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

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