Chef shares three-ingredient recipe for Maccas whipped butter

How to make ‘amazing’ Macca’s style whipped butter that will transform your pancakes for the better – and you need just three simple ingredients

  • A food blogger’s simple recipe for whipped butter is taking the internet by storm
  • All that’s needed are three ingredients: salt, milk and softened butter 
  • The butter is perfect for topping steak, pancakes or waffles

A simple recipe for McDonald’s style whipped butter will change how you garnish steak, pancakes and waffles forever.

The recipe, shared by South Australian food blogger Ask Sarah, requires three basic ingredients: three tablespoons of milk, half a teaspoon of salt and 125 grams of softened butter.

‘I never thought this would improve my pancake experience THIS much, but it does!’ Sarah wrote on her website.

The butter – which can also be spread on bread, rolls and muffins – is similar to the iconic style sold with McDonald’s pancakes.

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Australian food blogger Ask Sarah’s simple recipe for whipped butter (pictured) will change how you garnish steak, pancakes and waffles forever

To make it, Sarah adds all ingredients to bowl and beats them with an electric mixer for 10 minutes until they turn light and fluffy – it’s as simple as that.

The butter can then be used to flavour sweet or savoury dishes as desired.

If you’re not ready to serve it straight away, Sarah said the butter can be chilled in the fridge but should be removed about 40 minutes before use to allow it to soften.

Quick and easy pancake recipes have been sweeping the internet this week in honour of Shrove Tuesday, a traditional Christian feast day when pancakes are eaten.


* 125g salted butter, softened

* 1/2 tsp salt

* 3 tbsp milk


1. Add everything to a mixer and beat for 10 minutes until fluffy.

2. Serve on steak, pancakes or waffles.

Source: Ask Sarah

But for those who prefer to have the treats served to them, a ‘hole in the wall’ cafe in Sydney is now selling pancakes oozing with Golden Gaytime ice cream.

A video of the delicious-looking dessert being made at ‘Tella Balls’ in Liverpool, western Sydney, has gone viral because they look so incredible.

The clip shows the chef taking pancakes from the grill and smothering them in Golden Gaytime sauce.

Biscuit crumbs are then piled on top alongside a generous scoop of the iconic Australian ice cream.

Dessert lovers are going wild for these Golden Gaytime pancakes from a ‘hole in the wall’ cafe in Sydney

The video shows the pancakes being loaded with Golden Gaytime ingredients

The video, which was uploaded to a TikTok account called ‘abrakedabra_reviews, has drawn delighted responses.

‘That looks amazing, I have to have some,’ one viewer wrote, while a second added: ‘They don’t play around.’ 

A third said they were considering driving to the cafe from Queensland just to try the pancakes.

The Golden Gaytime lasagne is a sweet twist on a traditional savoury lasagne

Tella Balls dessert bar is known for its extravagant menu which also includes a Golden Gaytime crepe and ice cream sundae, along with more creative dishes.

One of these is the Golden Gaytime lasagne, made from layers of homemade biscuits, vanilla mousse and fresh cream topped with Gaytime flavoured gelato and cookie crumbs. 

‘This looks incredible,’ one woman wrote under a photo of the dish.

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