Co-op shoppers spot surprise discount on chocolates as they scan through the till for 1p

CO-OP shoppers have spotted a surprise discount in-store that's left a sweet taste in their mouth.

Some chocolates on sale at the budget store have been slashed in price to just 1p.

But it wasn't until they took the goodies to the till that shoppers realised that the major bargain could be had.

It's not the first time shoppers have lucked out when it came time to paying for their goods.

Earlier in the week, Tesco shoppers snapped up kids clothing for just 4p when they stumbled across the surprise discounts at the checkout.

This time it's Co-op shoppers who are in for a treat, as a number of bargain hunters shared the "secret" discount find on Facebook.

On the shelf, the limited edition Winter Spice Twix bar that one Co-op fan had her eye on, was 75p.

But staff at her local Charlton Village store told the savvy shopper that the chocolates had in fact been reduced to 8p that day.

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Thinking she'd scored a major bargain, with 67p off the price, she took the chocolate bar to the checkout where she found it actually scanned for just 1p in total.

The chocolates she'd picked out were Christmas themed, so it's likely the store had discounted old stock ready to make way for the new easter goodies hitting the shelves.

She managed to score a 13p bag of Maltesers mini reindeers for 1p as well, which came as another surprise when she reached the tills.

But she wasn't the only shopper to luck out on bargain chocolate.

A user commenting under the post said: "They were 1p in my Co-op as well!"

While another said: "We have to go."

Another user shared a snap of the Malteser reindeers they'd picked up from their Co-op for 1p too, on Facebook page Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK.

And another shared how they had managed to score five of the festive bags spending a total of 5p on the glut of chocolate.

A spokesperson for Co-op, said: “There are a number of these mega saving deals on big brands like Cadbury and Nestle across our stores.

"However, not all of our stores carry the same lines so we’d encourage shoppers to pop into their local Co-op to see what they can find on promotion.”

As the chocs are reduced so heavily, it won't be long before they fly off the shelves – and being stock from last year's Christmas run-up, they'll be subject to availability too.

That means once they're gone, you'll have to wait until next Christmas rolls around to cash in again, so grab them while you can.

While you're not going to get much cheaper than 1p, it's worth having a shop around too, as rival stores might have their own low prices and plenty of left-over Christmas bargains waiting to be snapped up.

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