Contrary To His ‘Bachelorette’ Bio, Grant Actually Does Have A Job

At this point in the season, Hannah B. is starting to establish strong connections with some of her Bachelorette contestants, which means those who have yet to make themselves stand out could end up being shown the door sooner rather than later. One of those people could very well be Grant, who has nabbed a little screen time, but has otherwise struggled to really catch Hannah’s eye (based on what’s been aired, anyway). So it’s quite possible that after The Bachelorette, Grant is still single — or at least, that he’s not with Hannah.

Though we’re weeks into the season, it’s difficult to pinpoint any significant moments Grant has had, either with Hannah or on camera. So far, he’s just been sort of floating comfortably in the middle of the pack — he hasn’t made any grand gestures that would give him an edge on the competition, nor has he done anything to cause drama with the rest of the contestants. And while it’s good for him to not draw any negative attention to himself (just look at how Hannah B.’s attitude toward Luke P. has changed in the last few weeks), not attracting any attention could be just as detrimental, since it may result in Hannah sending him home.

Whatever the case may be, Grant seems to be happy with how things played out and enjoying his life post-filming.

Though Grant’s ABC bio says that he’s unemployed, his LinkedIn profile shows that he actually became a Sales Representative at Renewal by Andersen, a window replacement company, in January 2019. His page says he’s still presently working there, so it’s safe to assume he returned to his job after The Bachelorette wrapped up, even though he hasn’t posted about it on social media (though who really posts about their job on Instagram?).

Instead, Grant’s Insta documents all the fun times he’s been having with family and friends post-Bachelorette. And by all accounts, he seems happier than ever. He recently attended Coachella with what looks to be a really fun gang, and made a point of taking his mom out to brunch in celebration of Mother’s Day.

That’s not to say that Grant has ignored his time on The Bachelorette completely. Far from it, actually. He’s posted about the show a few times accompanied by hashtags like #teamgrant and #thelookwhenimwaitingforher, which suggests that he did really care for Hannah even if it didn’t work out for the two of them in the end.

Overall, Grant doesn’t seem to regret his time on the show or getting to know Hannah better. Only one person can walk away from this season with that final rose, and as of now, the odds of that person being Grant are pretty slim. Of course, things have a tendency to change quickly on this show, but based on what fans have seen up until this point, he could either be heading to Bachelor in Paradise soon or simply continue enjoying his life in sunny L.A.

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