Costa's added 5 items to its menu including toffee spiced hot chocolate

COSTA Coffee has shaken up its menu for the new year and it includes the return of the popular toffee spice flavour.

The toffee spiced hot chocolate and latte are usually available in autumn and called the bonfire spiced latte.

Some fans were disappointed that it wasn't on Costa's menu before Christmas like it has been in previous years.

However, there were a number of other seasonal beverages instead including the gingerbread cream latte and cinnamon spice cappuccino.

Now the toffee flavours have returned to warm you up in the cold weather, and they're back due to popular demand from customers.

The coffee chain said it was the the drink they most wanted back.

Both hot drinks are flavoured with a rich caramel toffee and warming spices like clove, cardamom and cinnamon.

We've asked Costa to confirm the price of both and will update when we hear back.

There's also a new line-up of drinks designed for vegans or anyone who's decided to go animal-free for veganuary.

There are three flavours in Costa's new Latte+ range: Caramel Oat, Vanilla Coconut and Hazelnut Almond.

They are made with dairy alternatives and they also have added vitamin B12, Zinc or protein as a boost for those on a plant-based diet.

They come in sizes mini, small and large which cost £3, £3.30 or £3.60.

The toffee latte and hot chocolate are available at Costa Express, the self-service machines which are located at convenience stores, petrol stations and other "to-go" locations which remain open in lockdown.

There are 9,000 Costa Express and you can use the Costa store finder to locate your nearest Express.

We've asked Costa if they will be available at its branches too, and if the flavour is a a permanent addition or only there for a limited time.

At Costa Express machines you can order without having to touch screens by using the Costa app.

Simply scam the QR code on the machine, choose your drink and put your cup in place – either your own or one of the ones provided – you'll still have to pay at the till though.

Meanwhile the Latte+ drinks are available in Costa branches but not at Costa Express.

Costa branches remain open during the latest lockdown but to avoid queuing and reduce your time in Costa you can use the app to order and collect your drink when it's ready.

You can also get Costa drinks and food from branches delivered to your home through Uber Eats, though you will be charged a delivery fee on top and this can vary depending on how much you order and your location.

You can build up reward points when you use Costa's app, but how does its loyalty scheme stack up against other coffee chains? We put them to the test.

You can get 50% off Costa food and drinks until 3 February – here's how to get the discount.

Meanwhile at Nando's there's an even hotter sauce on the menu.

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