'Counting On:' Here's Why Fans Are Slamming Joseph and Kendra Duggar's Recent Instagram Post

Joseph and Kendra Duggar recently announced that they’re expecting their second child. While the couple was extremely excited to make the announcement on Instagram, some of their followers were more concerned than thrilled. Now, the two recently posted another photo that also saw a lot of heat from fans. Here’s why the couple’s followers are frustrated.

Fans were first concerned when Joe and Kendra Duggar announced a second pregnancy

Kendra was only 19 when she married Joe, who was 23 at the time.The couple had known each other for several years, but things didn’t turnromantic for a while. Eventually, though, the courtship happened, and intypical Duggar fashion, Joe and Kendra didn’t wait long to tie the knot. Almostimmediately after they wed, Kendra got pregnant, and the two started a familyright away. Now, at age 20, Kendra is pregnant with her second child. Thecouple posted a photo to Instagram announcing their pregnancy, but theirexcitement wasmet with a lot of backlash from fans.

People were concerned with Kendra’s age; to be 20 and already expecting a second child seemed almost unhealthy to some. “Baby machines,” one user commented. “Kendra is still very much a child herself,” another user wrote. “The idea of her being a mother to two young children so close in age has me worried for physical and mental health.” There were plenty of congratulations on the post as well, but many fans couldn’t help but be concerned with Kendra’s age.

The couple recently posted a photo of their son with a caption that frustrated their followers

In a more recent post, the couple highlighted their son, Garrett. It wasn’t the photos posted of their son but rather the caption that accompanied the photos. “He’s such a boy,” it read. “Some of his favorite toys are found outside. That little twig entertained him for longer than his toys normally do!”

Fans were quick to address the gender role the couple had stamped onto their son. “Liking outside things is not a ‘boy’ thing, it’s a thing that lots of kids of all genders like,” one user wrote. “Why do folks have to so aggressively gender their children? It only does damage by forcing kids into restrictive boxes.” The comment got the most likes of any comment on the post. “Girls can do that to! [sic] Not just a boy thing,” another user wrote. “Girls often love sticks and bugs just as much as boys,” someone else commented. Some fans believed that Kendra and Joe were suggesting girls don’t like to play outside or that they can’t get dirty. Others came to the couple’s defense, saying the caption wasn’t that deep.  

Joe and Kendra come from very traditional families with distinct gender roles

The couple probably didn’t think much of their Instagram caption because they come from a place where gender roles are very distinct; they were raised with a lot of strict rules. Duggar women don’t have jobs; they stay home and care for the kids while their husbands provide for the family. Today, this isn’t the case around the United States, but it still is to the Duggars. Girls play with dolls, and boys play with trucks. Though the couple likely didn’t mean any harm, hopefully the comments opened up their eyes a bit to the idea that not gender roles should not be clean cut.

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