Couple buys ABANDONED home with three bedrooms for only $700

Couple who bought an ABANDONED three-bedroom house for just $700 without ever seeing it reveal how they are now transforming the property into a stunning dream home

  • Sarah, 32, and Josh Feldsche, 35, acquired the perfect residence in an auction
  • Documenting the transformation, they’ve gained 12,000 plus TiKTok followers
  • The house also features a back porch overlooking its wooded surroundings 

A Missouri couple revealed how they managed to bag their dream home for less than a grand by buying an abandoned property.

Sarah, 32, and Josh Feldsche, 35, decided they needed to get creative when searching for a new house, recognizing they’d be unable to afford anything on the market.

Looking at alternate options, including foreclosures and short sales, the couple attended an auction and decided to place a few bids, not realizing the success they’d have.

In a stroke of good fortune, the couple in fact landed their dream home for just $700: a three-bedroom mobile home on four acres of property near where the Missouri natives both grew up.

Sarah, 32, and Josh Feldsche, 35, bought an abandoned home on a large property in their native Missouri for just $700 

The couple went about documenting the process of cleaning up and renovating the house on TikTok – and subsequently gaining more than 12,000 followers

The three-bedroom home also boasts a back porch. ‘We get to stand on our back porch and realize we found our forever country home,’ Sarah added

The couple knew they weren’t going to be able to afford a house at market rate

All the while, the pair had shared their journey on TikTok, where they have gathered more than 12,200 followers documenting the transformation of their bargain buy under the joint handle @sarahxjosh.

‘We were so excited when we purchased the property and realized what we had got for that $700,’ Sarah, from Missouri, told

‘We had bought this property blind and honestly just wanted the land. The home was a pleasant surprise.’

Settling down where they had both grown up, the pair were overjoyed with their mobile home, which also came with a lakeside plot of land.

‘The purchase came with four acres, as well as a small shed and some items left behind from the previous owners,’ Sarah continued, also highlighting ‘cool features’ in the home, including ‘a built-in stereo and the original wood paneling.’

‘Luckily a lot of the items left were usable and needed. Other items we are focusing on cleaning up and removing.’

Despite the very low price tag, the home was in ‘overall great shape,’ only needing a deep clean and basic household repairs such as new faucet taps and wallpaper.

‘We spent three weekends just cleaning every surface of the home,’ she went on.

After acquiring the abandoned property, the couple threw themselves into fixing up the home it came with

They have so far spent $300 renovating the home. Pictured is the hallway in their new abode

Sarah said that the home came with ‘items left behind from the previous owners ‘

‘The land is in great condition. There are some trash-type items around but we will work on getting those removed over time.

‘We don’t have a budget for the land. We plan on just slowly acquiring items as we find them and building it into the property we have dreamed of.

‘A big goal of ours is to use found and repurposed items or those we can purchase at auctions, yard sales or estate sales.’

So far, they have spent only $300 renovating the home and plan to spend a further $1,000 on fresh paint, decorations and furniture.

One major risk came with the abandoned property, leaving the couple vulnerable to eviction. 

During the first year, the previous owners had the right to reclaim the property – but, luckily, that window opened and closed with no sign of the former inhabitants.

So, the home is officially Sarah and Josh’s.

The purchase came with four acres of land in addition to the house

The house’s back porch offers sweeping views of their wooded surroundings

The pair haven’t experienced any unexpected issues and are happier than ever in their home.

‘We have been lucky enough to have wonderful neighbors who support us and who appreciate that it is being lived in again,’ Sarah said.

‘The warm welcome from not only the direct neighbors but the whole town has just reinforced that we made the right choice.

‘So far it has been a wonderful journey. We have wanted a property like this for years and we had re-fallen in love with the area as adults.

‘We [both] grew up in the country with gardens and animals and we just want to get back to that after years of living all over the US.

‘We envision cows, goats, chickens and a giant garden. We just want a place to be together, spend that time and spoil our dogs.’

The house also boasts a back porch overlooking the wooded surroundings. 

‘Every time we get to stand on our back porch and realize we found our forever country home, we realize how worth it it all was,’ Sarah added.

‘It takes time to research the properties and find the right ones to focus on but there are great properties out there that just need some elbow grease.’

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