Curvy babe celebrates plump belly and explains why it makes her a queen

A curvy influencer has branded herself “royalty” after learning to embrace her “plump” belly.

Emily Bispo is never short of spreading body positive messages.

The dark haired beauty has learnt how to love her natural figure and defied the societal beauty standards that can often plague women.

Previously, the influencer shared that she was told she could not wear a bikini because she was not a ‘skinny girl.’

And, of course, Emily has not let this stop her from flaunting her figure – belly included.

In a recent TikTok clip, the beauty, also known as Bunny, donned some grey ribbed high waisted trousers and a strappy red crop top.

Emily embraced her natural figure as she explained: “Plump or curvier bellies used to be considered a sign of wealth, beauty, and status back in the day.

“Consider me royalty babes.”

She captioned the post: “Guess I really am a princess then.”

Inspired by Emily’s belly loving display, many fans fled the comments to praise the influencer.

One person commented: “I love and am extremely grateful for your page.”

Another user added: “Yes girl then I must be royalty too.”

Whilst a third person praised: “You have no idea the confidence your videos have giving back to me I'm even thinking about wearing a bikini again THANK YOU.”

Someone else voiced: “This mentality is what we need more of! SLAYYY.”

And, a fifth fan expressed: “This made me feel so good about my belly, thank you!”

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