Curvy woman emphasises her thickness to men to avoid being called catfish

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A curvy woman has opened up to share her ordeal when meeting men on dating apps – and she had to tell them her "level of thickness".

Tina, who is not ashamed to show off her natural body, shared her "thick girl thoughts" to viewers and explained she didn't want to come as a catfish to men.

She says in a TikTok video: "When I meet a new guy on a dating app, I literally spend a good amount of time making sure he knows that the level of thickness that I am.

"That when he meets me, he's not going to say 'Oh my God, she is such a catfish'.

"Because nowadays it's like, if you don't meet the guy's perception that he portrays of you in the head, you are not 'authentic' on a date."

And to avoid being accused of faking in pictures, Tina says she has a trick up her sleeves.

"It's like a second nature in the back of my head that I have to let him know straight up — the yams are here, the rolls are up and the cake batter is thick," she explains.

"I know what you are thinking — to show him a picture — no, apparently pictures aren't good enough.

"You really have to emphasise the thickness."

Some viewers found her story relatable and one commented: "I had one guy who was into big girls give me examples of what he thought 'big' was, because sometimes their big doesn’t match my big."

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Another also felt the same as Tina and she said she had to tell her dates that "I look bigger in person".

But others said Tina doesn't have to take the men's comment to heart.

"Girl you don’t have to emphasise nothing," a viewer said. "These dudes can take it or leave it.

"And if they leave it… you don’t want them anyway."

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