Dad whos spent over 1,200 hours getting inked shows off first ever tattoo

A man with hundreds of tattoos shared his first ever ink.

Remy is known for his body modifications after he started his journey around 11 years ago.

The dad, who worked as a chef in Canada, uses Instagram and YouTube to post about his incredible transformation.

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He's so far spent an eye-watering £75,000 on his body art with no plans to stop anytime soon.

And he's been seriously grafting after racking up over 1,200 hours in the needle chair too.

Now in a recent upload with his son, Remy spoke about how he started his transformation over a decade ago.

He said: "It's been 15 years since my first ever tattoo and it all started with my son's name in a custom font on my forearm.

"Swipe to see my first ever tattoos! This piece was done by @rockymountainrick and we're still working together today after all this time."

Remy told how at time of his first tattoo he had already been pierced around 100 times.

He added: "I wasn't even sure I wanted one for a long time, but I couldn't have started with a better reason."

In the photo, an inked-up Remy with a leather jacket posed next to his son as the pair looked content in the cold.

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Then a second snap shows the dad's bare arm with the one tattoo which is of his son's name.

His Instagram followers were gushing at the post, as one wrote: "I have to say it. You look like brothers."

Another added: "What a dream duo, you're a great father Remy," as a third commented: "Hottest dad."

And a fourth gushed: "Very touching."

Remy recently surprised fans when he revealed the most painful spot he ever inked.

In a post where he showed off his ink, one person asked: "Where was the most painful spot?" To which Remy cheekily replied: "Depends on the day."

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Meanwhile another fan gushed: "Inspiring. How did the shins feel?" And the dad claimed: "They're never bad honestly."

His entire body has been covered with blackwork, including his entire arms, chest area and legs.

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