Dirty-minded people giggling at optical illusion as it looks ruder than intended

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    Optical illusions can really leave people baffled at times.

    Some might even test a person's intelligence or put their patience on the line.

    But now a photo on Twitter has gone viral – for all the wrong reasons.

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    Posting on the Confusing Perspective account, it shows a smitten couple holding hands at the park.

    It looks like everyone's tuning into a show as there's people sitting on blankets and chairs gazing in one direction.

    But for those with a dirty-mind, before anything else they spotted something rather naughty.

    So can you see it?

    While the couple took the photo to show how cute they are, the woman is certainly stealing the show.

    She's lying on her stomach, wearing a pink jumper, with her sporting a curvy hair style.

    At first glance, it looks like she might have forgotten her trousers as she seems to be wearing a thong.

    The Twitter post garnered over 260 retweets and 2,800 likes in the space of three days.

    One remarked: "The camera man knew what he was doing exactly."

    Another added: "Had to actually zoom in to understand what I was seeing."

    A third commented: "A very good optical illusion, it takes me 2 minutes to figure it out."

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    And a fourth cheekily posted: "Nice a**."

    So can you see what's actually happening?

    You'll be relieved to know the woman did actually remember her bottoms.

    It so happens the person next to the lovebirds in the photo is actually sitting with their knees crossed.

    You can see it more clearly when you notice their toes and the drink on their lap.

    But at first glance, everyone had a good laugh thinking the woman was sat in a thong.

    What did you see in the image first? Let us know in the comments below!

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