Doctor proves everything you see is upside down with mind-blowing trick

A doctor on TikTok has blown the minds of his followers after he shared a simple trick that will help them prove that everything they see is "upside down".

Dr Karan Raj shared a video responding to the Sidemen's Simon Minter who claimed he didn't believe that people see everything upside down.

In the snippet, which was taken from an episode of Sidecast, Simon says: "This is a fact I don't believe, everything we see is upside down."

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"This is true. And here's how you can prove it. Gently press the bottom right side of your eye through your bottom eyelid and you should see a black spot appear opposite this point at the top left of your vision, proving the image has been flipped," Dr Raj explained in the clip, which has gained more than 190,000 likes.

"The curvature of the lens of the eye means that when light passes through it, it's refracted and bends are the sensory information that hits the retina at the back of your eye is flipped.

"But it's not just that the images are in 2d. Your brain has to make the 2d into 3d and then flip it the right way around."

TikTok users took to the comments to share their amazement after being taught that the human eye flips everything it sees.

One user wrote: "This is crazyyy."

Another said: "My brain is a whole decoder."

A third commented: "So does mean we are walking upside down?"

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However, some users took to the comments to correct the doc as one argued: "Things are not upside down. Reflection in the eye is flipped and the brain flips it again so it is normal like reality."

Another said: "I thought this was pretty obvious. I learnt this in science years ago."

But others took it as an opportunity to mock the doc's instructions as they claim to have poked their eyes out while trying it.

One user quipped: "Cheers mate eye just popped out."

Another joked: "Instructions not clear eyeball is now in brain."


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