Dog Owners are Obsessed with These Leak-Proof Waste Bags That Have 9,000 Five-Star Reviews on Amazon

Amazon has become the go-to place for some of the best pet supplies. From the most popular dog toy that’ll keep your pup entertained for hours to the comfiest and coziest pet beds ever, pet owners tend to leave thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, expressing their newfound love of their latest pet purchase. And truly nothing goes unnoticed by pet parents, not even dog waste bags — in fact, 9,000 customers have left nothing but raving reviews for these Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags.

The  beloved dog waste bags are a number one best-seller on Amazon, and for good reason — they’re completely leak-proof, super easy to open, and even come in a lavender-scented option. Along with having recyclable roll cores, the bags are large enough to cover your entire hand and are super affordable — a pack of 270 bags (that’s 18 rolls) is just $12. Shoppers seriously can’t stop talking about them, and tend to leave pretty hilarious comments within their ultra-positive reviews.

“I never imagined I’d grow up to write reviews of dog poop bags on the internet, yet here I am. First of all, I have a dog who has what I politely like to call ‘anxious tummy.’ Sometimes people scare him in my apartment hallway, and he accidentally goes right there on the steps. In this moment, it is SUPER CLUTCH to have an easy-to-open poop bag like this one at the ready,” one customer wrote. “And yes, I’ve noticed that a lot of poop bags are so hard to get open, which is not ideal when you’re trying to clean up an embarrassing mess before your cute neighbor who you saw on Tinder rounds the corner and steps in it.”

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Shoppers are also grateful for Earth Rated’s scented bag option — while some reviewers say the lavender scent is a bit strong, they also note that it definitely works if your pup’s number twos are on the stinkier side. “My dearest dog, as wonderful and charming as she is, can drop some gnarly solids where I have to position myself upwind to prevent myself from gagging. With regular bags, I would literally have to hold my breath from the second I would see her begin to squat until I’ve tossed the waste into the trash. These scented bags are very helpful for when I accidentally get a whiff of that putrid stench,” another reviewer wrote. “I’ve never had an issue with tearing a bag, even when I’ve scooped up twigs and rocks — which is a huge plus because I’ve never had a good day that starts with my finger accidentally being inserted into a warm turd because the bag ripped.”

Even veterinarians approve of the sturdy waste bags — one vet said in a review that since she discovered the Earth Rated dog poop bags, she’s never used another brand.

Whether the idea of lavender-scented dog poop bags sound like a dream come true or you’ve just been searching for something truly heavy-duty (that’s also eco-friendly!) to replace your weak waste bags, Earth Rated might just be the perfect brand for you.

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