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NOTHING starts the day quite as well as a great night's sleep.

No one wants to wake up for work without a spring in their step which is why a comfortable mattress is paramount for a good night's kip.

  • UK – Emma Original Mattress, from £248.80 (saving 20%) – buy here
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Two Sun Shopping writers conducted our Emma Original Mattress review, testing its comfort, support and value for money.


  • Super comfortable
  • Good support
  • Doesn't get too hot
  • Trial period


  • More expensive than many "traditional" mattresses
  • Needs to be left to expand when first setting up

Emma Mattress review

The Emma Original mattress has won several awards, is sold in 30 countries and is hailed as the ultimate solution for a restful snooze.

The mattress aims to be the ultimate "bed in a box" with a memory foam mattress that springs into life once opened.

Emma is so sure you will love it that it offers a 200-night sleep test (365 days in the US) and a 10-year guarantee.

Luckily for us, we had two testers to put it through its paces.

Emma was able to deliver one of its Original mattresses to our first reviewer within 24-hours of them picking up the keys to their new home, and with the easy-to-manoeuvre ‘bed in a box’ concept and simple unpacking instructions, it wasn’t long before we were enjoying a comfortable night’s sleep.

Our second reviewer also managed to easily bring the mattress in and unpack it with Emma's own branded safety cutter, which handily opened the vacuum-packed mattress.

When you first take out the mattress from its vacuum-packed box, beware; it will look much thinner than you expected. But don’t be fooled, it just needs some time to expand to its full shape.

The Original mattress combines a 25cm-deep mattress made up of a 3cm breathable Airgocell foam layer, 2cm of visco-elastic memory foam and 19cm of cold foam. It’s coated with a removable, machine-washable and temperature-regulating outer cover.

Once fully expanded (Emma recommends several hours but we decided to give it a full 24 hours for extra effect) it looked much plumper and we were ready to put it to the test.

Thanks to the handles on either side you can easily haul it onto your bed and the first night sleeping on it felt very comfortable and sturdy. The mattress doesn't need to be turned, but should you wish there is no harm in turning it every now and then.

The three layers also incorporate "advanced zoning", which the company says gives support in all areas, adapting to any body shape.

Both of our reviewers found the mattress was very supportive and any previous morning routine of clicking sore spines and shoulders back into place can be foregone.

  • UK – Emma Original Mattress, from £248.80 (saving 20%) – buy here
  • US – Emma Original Mattress, from $299 (saving 50%) – buy here

The mattress felt fairly firm to our first reviewer, and our second reviewer found it to be medium firmness with a slight squidge that moulded to the shape of their body while sleeping.

Those preferring to sink into a super soft mattress may want to look at another model or make.

Emma says the design also serves to distribute pressure evenly across the mattress. This successfully minimised the impact of one reviewer's restless partner and helped ensure a good night’s sleep.

Also helping to ensure a peaceful night is the Airgocell foam, which is described as a "climate controlling" layer that allows heat to escape. This ensures a cool night’s sleep, something the company says is helped by the mattress cover, which contains special moisture-wicking fibres.

  • UK – Emma Original Mattress, from £248.80 (saving 20%) – buy here
  • US – Emma Original Mattress, from $299 (saving 50%) – buy here

This mattress also has a built-in heat detector with three layers of cooling foam, meaning if you tend to overheat it will bring the temperature down. It’s foam is an ultra-breathable combination of Airgocell®, pressure-relieving viscoelastic and supportive HRX foam.

It also comes with a moisture-resistant top cover, which is handily machine washable.

If you're UK based (it's not available in the US yet) and want the full Monty, you can even complete the look and treat yourself to a temperature-regulating microfibre Emma duvet.

A standard double/queen mattress is priced at £474 ($1,053 in the US), slightly cheaper than some other "bed in a box" products on the market. You can almost always get a discount that will make it even more affordable.

Although it may still be considered by some as quite an investment, you can still have the trial and a 10-year guarantee, which ensures you won’t be left with buyer’s remorse – and can fully test it and put it through its paces.

How much is an Emma Original mattress?

In the UK, Emma Original mattress is priced as follows:

  • Single, 90 x 190cm – £311
  • EU Single, 90 x 200cm – £374
  • Small Double, 120 x 190cm – £436
  • Double, 135 x 190cm – £474
  • EU Double, 140 x 200cm – £499
  • King, 150 x 200cm – £536
  • EU Queen, 160 x 200cm – £611
  • Super King, 180 x 200cm – £624

In the US, meanwhile, the prices are:

  • Twin, 39 x 75 x 10" – $599
  • Twin XL, 39 x 80 x 10" – $835
  • Full, 55 x 75 x 10" – $889
  • Queen, 60 x 80 x 10" – $1,053
  • King, 76 x 80 x 10" – $1,325
  • Cal King, 72 x 84 x 10" – $1,325

However, as stated above, Emma runs regular sales which mean you should be able to get a mattress at a significantly cheaper price.

Are Emma mattresses any good?

If you like a well-supported sleep, you will likely find sleeping on an Emma Original mattress very comfortable.

We found the Emma mattress to offer great support, whether you're sleeping on your front, back or side, but those who prefer a softer mattress may want to go for a less firm option.

Those with partners who toss and turn will also likely enjoy the Emma Original mattress; it's very good at absorbing movement, so you’re unlikely to be disturbed.

  • UK – Emma Original Mattress, from £248.80 (saving 20%) – buy here
  • US – Emma Original Mattress, from $299 (saving 50%) – buy here

How to unpack an Emma mattress

An Emma mattress comes with its very own branded safety cutter to open it from its plastic packaging. Make sure to place the mattress near your bed and have a clear space for it. Start by opening the box and tilt it and pull the vacuum-packed mattress out.

Here comes the careful part. Use scissors or the included cutter to cut open the first layer of plastic. Make sure that the clear space around you is enough for the unrolled mattress to be laid flat. You can also unroll the mattress on top of your bed frame.

Once the mattress is fully unrolled, it's time to carefully open the last layer of plastic around the mattress to let it inflate. It takes 20 minutes for the mattress to inflate enough for use but you can wait up to 2 hours.

While you can obviously use the mattress during the trial, Emma asks that you keep the last layer of plastic on until your trial ends; in the event that you wish to return or replace your mattress, the courier requires that it be wrapped in plastic.

How long does it take an Emma mattress to inflate?

Upon unpacking, the Emma mattress takes two to six hours to fully inflate, but can be used after twenty minutes.

The website states that it is also not entirely uncommon for the mattress to not inflate to its full size immediately, so patience is key.

Do I need to rotate my Emma mattress?

You can place your Emma Mattress on your bed however you like, but there is no need to ever flip it.

The white top-cover and Airgocell layer should always remain on top, so flipping your Emma mattress is not necessary.

You can rotate the mattress, though — doing so can also extend the lifespan of the mattress because it helps to prevent permanent body impressions.

Rotating once a month for the first six months usually works well, then every three months should do the trick after that.

How deep are Emma mattresses?

The Emma Original Mattress is a 12-inch thick mattress constructed of three layers of foam. These include an ultra-breathable combination of Airgocell®, pressure-relieving viscoelastic and supportive HRX foam.

Is the Emma original mattress soft?

Emma describes its Original mattress as medium-firm, rating it 6.5 out of a possible 10.

For good sleep, it is recommended that hips are supported and your spine aligned in an orthopedically correct way.

For this, it is important that any mattress should not be too soft and not too hard.

Does the Emma mattress come in a box?

The Emma Original mattress is delivered to your door rolled up and then vacuum-packed into a box.

This delivery means that the mattress is easily transportable and far more easily moved from room to room than a standard, sprung mattress.

Buyers can then simply remove the packaging before placing their mattress on their bed, where it will usually expand within two hours.

  • UK – Emma Original Mattress, from £248.80 (saving 20%) – buy here
  • US – Emma Original Mattress, from $299 (saving 50%) – buy here

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