Expert on Meghans ‘anger when Harry spoke without permission – claim

On his YouTube channel The Body Language Guy, body language expert Jesus Enrique Rosas analysed Meghan and Harry’s non-verbal communication during the meeting with young leaders of the Commonwealth in 2018. He suggested that sometimes “Meghan gives really piercing looks to anyone who dares to steal the spotlight from her”, and he claimed to spot the Duchess of Sussex’s “angry” reaction when “Harry forgot to ask permission to talk” during the royal engagement.

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He commented that when Meghan “talks or she’s giving a public speech or the spotlight is on her in any way, she always has her face muscles relaxed”.

However, “the moment someone else begins to talk or interrupts her or upsets her presence in any way, this is the same pattern all the time, first of all, the tension in her jaw,” he claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex met attendees outside the Marlborough House in London and when Harry began to talk, “you can spot jaw tension in many ways, especially in the sides of the jaw, the jaw muscles, they are tense”. There was also a chin jut, which is visible when a person projects their chin forward, the expert opined.

He observed that it is a “very easy signal to spot” because the meaning is “almost always concealed anger, or frustration”. By all means, Jesus commented, a chin jut signals a strong emotion at the moment.

Jesus pointed out other gestures that suggested a level of anger or frustation, including the fact that “she’s moving her lips at the same time and showing her lower teeth,” as showing the lower teeth is reportedly a sign of “being upset or concealed anger”.

Meghan can also be seen moving her lips at the same time Harry was talking. “It’s like she really wanted to talk at that moment, or control in some way whatever Harry was saying at that time,” the expert claimed.

Another signal, according to the body language guru, is the muscles of her neck. “They are tense. You can actually feel a great deal of tension that is absolutely unnecessary for a posture as simple as this,” Jesus opined.

While Meghan and Harry were speaking to other attendees outside, there was a moment when “Harry is the one talking and everyone was listening to him”.

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The expert observed an interesting reaction from Meghan towards another attendee outside Marlborough House.

Jesus claimed: “We are used to Meghan’s mask slipping, when she is trying to come out as nice and then, for a split second she displays an absolutely different emotion, but these 30 seconds have a special ingredient that we have not seen before.”

The expert suggested that right before the Duke of Sussex began to talk, there was a woman talking to Harry and Meghan, and “both of them look really tense in their facial expressions,” he commented.

“Meghan is trying to smile but she’s failing, and Harry is showing some disgust. We don’t know what is the topic that is being addressed, but let’s guess that it’s something delicate or controversial and maybe that’s the reason why they display those faces,” Jesus observed.

But then, Meghan “gave an up and down look that was… a bit mean,” the expert claimed.

The expert suggested, however, that “it could happen that the woman was holding something in her hands and she was showing it, or making a reference with a hand gesture, and it would make sense to look at her midsection, or her hands”.

However, he pointed out that both Harry and the man behind them never looked down, and that is why “Meghan’s look projects a negative or even hostile feeling,” he claimed.

The body language expert commented: “She’s literally giving the woman an up and down look right on her face, and nobody likes to be seen like that, from anyone.

“Of course, this can also happen by accident, if you’re establishing eye contact and want to rest your eyes for a split second, make sure you do it to the sides to avoid these kind of looks on other people,” he added.

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