Extreme body modification fan castrates himself and covers 100% of skin in ink

An extreme body modification fan reveals he spent a fortune on his transformation where he removed his testicles.

Engineer Sporus Meijs believes he's spent the value of a new Audi A5 (£40,000) on altering his body to an extreme level.

The Frenchman began his journey when he saw the Rolling Stones record cover of "Tattoo You" at 11 which influenced him.

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His most extreme surgery was the complete removal of his testicles and scrotum in 2015 so he could become an eunuch.

Sporus began to discover his body at 10, experimenting with temporary piercings in his ears, nipple and nose that he could hide.

Aged 12, he was trying out with ink and a needle on himself and at 16, he got his first "real" tattoo of a panther on his right shoulder.

Sporus believes his body is a canvas that expresses the fine balance between the major elements of his sexuality and religion.

He said: "As a teenager I absorbed all things concerning tribe rituals, tattoos and body modifications that I saw and read about.

"I discovered men who had no sexual organs, eunuchs.

"When I read about a boy who had been castrated, that triggered something.

"I realised this was possible and not just something of the past, it has always been on my mind since then.

"I never really liked my body as it was, I was pretty unsure about myself and my sexuality like any teenager.

"I am very happy and zen with my body as it is now.

"I do not intend to become more feminine, that would be hard with my looks.

"People often do not realise there is a whole spectrum between '100% woman and 100% man'."

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Sporus described how he was brought up and recalled his childhood being unhappy, although quite conservative.

His parents divorced later on and his grandparents contributed to his happy childhood.

When he grew older, Sporus got more tattoos and piercings which helped him gain more confidence.

As for his relationships, he's been with a dominant man for 22 years now.

"The relationship is a 'spicy' one, never dull, and that probably makes it last," he admitted.

"My tattoos and modifications are not only the visual expression of my sexuality but highly contribute to our lasting relationship."

Despite initial fears, his partner has now accepted his extreme body modification.

Sporus has had nearly 100% of his body covered in tattoos, eyeballs, nail beds – as far as he is concerned, it's all fair game.

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He explained: "My whole body is tattooed at this moment including my eyeballs, with the exception of the soles of my feet.

"As for modifications, my tongue is split, my teeth filed to points and the upper ones are crowned in titanium, my ears are cropped, pierced and stretched, my septum is pierced with a dermal punch meaning a larger hole.

"My more intimate modifications are pierced nipples and penis, a reverse Prince Albert, a ring through the top of the glans and, I am a eunuch of course.

"The most painful body part to have tattooed for me were the extremities, fingers and toes near the nail beds, the ears and of course the glans of the penis which is extremely painful.

"Armpits, around the anus and inner part of knees and thighs are not nice, but it seems I handle pain well, at least I can concentrate myself and put myself in a sort of trance when getting tattooed."

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Speaking about how others react to his intense look, Sporus added: "I have a good job and people appreciate me for what I do, I feel blessed for that.

"Sometimes people ask questions, comparing me to other heavily tattooed and modified persons. I want to underline that each person is unique and has her or his own motivations.

"Being yourself without frustration probably makes you a nicer person."

Now giving advice to others, he concluded: "Don't get a tattoo because it is 'hot item'. Do it for yourself.

"As for body modification I would give the same advice, especially the irreversible ones.

"Weigh the pros and cons, but if you really feel it's the right thing for you, follow your heart and go ahead as safely as possible of course.

"When the need to personalise your body is there, achieving a goal will make you happier in the long run. My motto is be yourself, work hard, play hard."

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