Father searches for 6-year-old son lost in Hurricane Dorian

The race is on to find survivors in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian flattened some of the islands. The monster storm battered the area for 48 hours, and many people are unaccounted for.

Thirty-five people who were injured in the storm and then rescued are now being treated at Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau, the capital, but there are still thousands of people missing across the islands.

One patient with a fractured leg, who was separated from his 6-year-old son when the hurricane hit their home on Abaco Island, spoke to correspondent Nikki Battiste.

Adrian Farrington Sr. says he broke his leg while trying to save his young son A.J.’s life. “The gust of wind blew him off the roof, on the side of the home back into the surge water,” he said.

He thought he was keeping his child safe by holding him on a roof, away from the flood waters.

A.J.’s older brother, Richard Johnson, is trying to find him. Battiste asked Johnson, “How hopeful are you that Adrian’s still alive?”

“Given the circumstances, I’m not that hopeful,” he replied, adding, “Knowing I can rely on the Lord above to rest assure, that’s going to be hopeful for me.”

Farrington, a carpenter, said he was rescued by civilians and brought to the hospital in Nassau on Monday. He said while he was fighting for his life during the storm, he saw at least 12 others drown.

“I still can hear people crying for their lives in my head,” he said. “I still can see my son getting dragged across the roof, reaching out.”

Richard Johnson brought a flyer with photos of A.J. to the National Emergency Management Agency. “They are still looking around in terms of shelters,” he said. “There’s a possibility he might be in a shelter.”

His family hopes to be as lucky as some others who have been reunited after the storm. But A.J.’s father fears the worst. 

“The only thing I would want him to understand is that I love him and I tried everything possible as human to save him from the natural disaster,” he said.

Adrian Farrington says he just wants to hear his son is alive. They had to break the news to A.J.’s mother that he is missing, and she was extremely emotional. The boy was wearing a blue hoodie and blue sneakers when he slipped out of his father’s hands.

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