Female carpenter works in bikini with no safety gear to p*ss off old men

A female carpenter who went viral for wearing bikinis at work has clapped back at men for their sexist comments.

The TikTok-famous woodworker, known as "the bikini carpenter", showed off her knowledge on wooden crafts to demystify the male-dominated industry.

As she posted her work progress on the video-sharing app, viewers admitted they got distracted by her "hot" body.

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The young woman, who also owns her small business Stain and Ink selling her wooden crafts, was also accused of pretending to work in order to gain views.

And she hit back by dressing up in minuscule swimsuit and sawing building materials in full confidence.

"Sawing brass in a bikini to p*ss off the old male carpenters on here," she captioned.

In the video, she is seen holding a small piece of brass without wearing any cut resistant gloves.

The self-called "wood bunny" puts on a pink bikini and dolls up in silver jewellery and bracelets.

In another clip, the carpenter uses a metal clamp without wearing any safety equipment.

She added: "Building this piece in a bikini to p*ss off all the salty oldheads on here."

One troll wrote: "Funny I see no actual carpentry work but the bikini is on point."

"Now I'm trying to figure out if she is actually a carpenter or or her boyfriend lets her do videos with his stuff," a person added.

The young entrepreneur ignored the haters and shared her in-depth woodwork tutorial on YouTube, showing how she managed to build a shed from scratch.

She said: "The time has finally come to finish framing the walls of this shed. It is actually starting to feel like a real place rather than a pile of lumber."


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