Fenty’s Journey: Rihanna’s Fashion & Beauty House From Start To Hiatus

Robin Rihanna Fenty is known for her stellar sounds and unmistakable vocals. Her music has captivated a worldwide audience for many years, and her fans and loyal followers invest tens of millions of dollars each year, snatching up all the products she markets. Rihanna was just 32 years old when she realized there was such incredible income potential that could come along with paring the sweets sounds of her music to some pretty sweet fashion items and beauty products. Her very own fashion line quickly emerged, and Fenty was born. The brand is known to be an ultra luxury label and the price tag was daunting to many viewers. The year 2017 was a year of great achievement for Rihanna, as her Fenty brand took the world by storm and became a high grossing business venture. Sadly, The BBC reports that Fenty’s days are numbered, with reports being issued that the brand is taking a hiatus. Could this be a sign of the times? There was once a moment where this was one of the most highly sought after labels!

Fenty Rakes In The Dough

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It didn’t take long before Rihanna’s millions and millions of adoring fans began scooping up her Fenty products in huge numbers. Sales were high and everyone was vibing, as Rihanna’s sense of personal flair was put on full display, and made available for purchase.

However, this didn’t last as long as the people that created the brand thought it would. In fact, it has just been announced that the Fenty brand is now being put on a ‘hiatus,’ and most of us aren’t foolish to think ‘everything is going to be ok.’ It seems in this case, that ‘hiatus’ translates to; “no longer in business.”

Could the rumors be true? If the company is folding, Rihanna has remained tight-lipped about the whole thing. According to Glamour Magazine; “a high-end designer collection launched with LVMH in 2019, is going on a hiatus…Rihanna and LVMH have jointly made the decision to put on hold the RTW [ready-to-wear] activity, based in Europe, pending better conditions.” Going on a hiatus is never a good sign and many in the industry have taken this to be a gentle way of putting that the business is shutting down for good.”

The luxury brand pumps out high volumes of cardigans, body-hugging knits and fabulous trousers, to name a few. It appears, however that just as Fenty seems to be slipping into the background, eventually to disappear, there is another of Rihanna’s brands that seems to be doing very, very well.

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Savage X Fenty

Fenty may be struggling to maintain any sort of leveled footing in today’s current climate, but that doesn’t mean that Rihanna’s organizations are having any actual financial difficulties as of now. In fact, it’s just Fenty that is affected, and not any of the other brands.

Savage X Fenty is not seeing any of the struggles or cryptic messaging that Fenty seems to be under the spotlight for at this moment. Critics are trying to understand how the same designer, and the same artist are seeing such dramatically different sales and overall numbers. While Fenty is being slowly stripped of its existence, and laying claims to the status of ‘hiatus,’ Savage X Fenty continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Savage X seems to show no signs of slowing down at all, leading fans to continue to invest in these items and increase profits on a regular basis.

Sales have grown exponentially, with a mixture of seductive lingerie and comfortable sleepwear and loungewear all soaring with success.

Short Stint

Fans were shocked to hear that Fenty is going on a ‘hiatus,’ and potentially never returning. This is especially shocking considering that the company was only in business for just over 2 years. LVMH is stating that they are ‘waiting for better times’, which is likely to have translated to Covid taking a real toll on their business model.

The great news, for fans that could sure use some after hearing about the ‘hiatus,’ is that the rest of the brand remains intact and seemingly unscathed. It seems there is a specialized market for some of Rihanna’s projects that far exceed her others.  The Savage X Fenty lingerie line will continue to live on, as will the cosmetics lines Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin.” Consumers that are loyal to those brands need not worry about the fact that they will be denied or restricted access to the final merchandise. That portion of Rihanna’s business structure remains unscathed.


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