Finally, A Glimpse Of Jesse Pinkman In The ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Trailer

The Breaking Bad ending was one of the most perfect series finales. But even still, there’s more to tell when it comes to Jesse Pinkman’s story. In the new Breaking Bad movie trailer, fans get their first look at Aaron Paul reprising his beloved character. Breaking Bad left Jesse finally free when the finale aired six years ago. El Camino will show exactly what happened to Jesse after his triumphant escape when it premieres on Netflix and in select theaters on Oct. 11 — and, unfortunately, the trailer makes indicates that trouble still very much knows how to find Jesse Pinkman.

Bryan Cranston’s Walter White seemingly died in the Breaking Bad finale after he helped Jesse escape Uncle Jack and Todd’s Aryan Brotherhood gang. Jesse meanwhile hit the road in an El Camino ("camino" appropriately means "road" in Spanish), and it appeared that he had the chance to start a new life free of making and dealing meth — and free from Mr. White’s sadistic hold on him. Yet, just because Walt has died doesn’t mean that Jesse’s past crimes haven’t followed him. While he was crying tears of happiness last viewers saw him, the trailer has Jesse stuck in his car listening to the radio report that says how he’s a person of interest in the shooting that occurred at the Aryan Brotherhood’s hideout.

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