Former waitress claims online trading boosted her salary by five times

Ex-waitress who dropped out of school after GCSEs now makes £100K a year on the stock market – and claims women are better traders than men because they take fewer risks

  • Anna Reynolds, 29, from Harrow, left school at 17 and worked as a waitress 
  • Didn’t enjoy the customer service job as it meant she ‘couldn’t do anything fun’ 
  • Discovered Forex trading through Instagram and paid £2,000 for a course
  • Claims to earn £100K a year which she spends on fancy holidays and dinners out

A waitress who transformed her lifestyle after taking up online trading has declared that women are better at trading than men.

Anna Reynolds, 29, from Harrow, was working as a waitress when she discovered Forex (foreign exchange) trading through Instagram and decided to give it a go.

Having taken a £2,000 course in how to trade, she claims she’ll earn £100,000 this year.

Anna Reynolds, 29, from Harrow, left school at 17 and ended up working a variety of ‘odd jobs’ to support herself (pictured on holiday in Hanoi) 

And Anna says she firmly believes women are generally better in the financial market, revealing: ‘Women are better traders, as they tend to be more focused and more careful. Men can be a bit gung-ho.’

Despite her success in the online market, Anna admitted that she struggled in school growing up, saying: ‘I’ve never been thick but I just didn’t pay attention. 

‘They were like “Anna needs to stop distracting everyone” in class. I was in with a bit a bad crowd.’

She went on: ‘I did okay but I can’t remember what I got for my GCSEs. I just wasn’t fussed about school.’

Having started sixth form, Anna ended up dropping out, and took on ‘odd-jobs’ such as admin jobs for her uncle’s business and waitressing on the side. 

After taking a course in online trading, Anna now says she’ll make £100,000 this year, more than five times her salary as a waitress 

She said: ‘Nobody treated me badly – I just didn’t really enjoy it. It meant I couldn’t do anything fun. Quite a lot of my friends started making money and doing alright.’

As her friends grew up and went to university, Anna couldn’t help but feel they were on a clearer career path than her. 

And having spent over a decade working in different ‘odd jobs’, last year Anna was scrolling through Instagram when she found a post about foreign exchange trading. 

She’d heard about friend of friends doing it, but was also fearful about being ‘conned’ by scammers. 

After initially discovering forex trading on Instagram, Anna said she was hesitant to test it out as she was conscious about potential scams 

What is Forex trading? 

Forex or foreign exchange is a network of buyers and sellers, who transfer currency between each other at an agreed price.

The amount of currency converted every day can make price movements of some currencies extremely volatile.

It is this volatility that can make forex so attractive to traders: bringing about a greater chance of high profits, while also increasing the risk. 

Traders will exchange one currency for another in the expectations that the price will change. 

Specifically, traders hope the currency bought will increase in value compared to the one sold, making a profit. 

She began researching, and ended up discovering a site which promised to teach her the essential skills she would need to start trading almost straight away. 

The waitress went to some two-day long training sessions with private company Financial Markets Online and took it from there, claiming that within a month she was making double the amount she had been making. 

She explained: ‘When I first started researching trading it seemed so confusing and overwhelming – like a world I’d never understand – maths was never my strong subject at school.’ 

She says she put £100 ‘in the pot’ and the company set her up with a broker who could offer to help at any time, so she felt there was ‘no risk.’ 

Convinced she wanted to do it longer term and ‘realising it was a goldmine’, she invested in their six month one-on-one trading course – which costs £2,000. 

At first she balanced her waitressing jobs with the trading, focusing on the markets in the morning before she headed to a shift in the afternoon. 

The former waitress says she makes a lot of money because she is dedicated and determined – believing she didn’t do well at school because she ‘just didn’t care’

But it wasn’t long before she realised if she dedicated more time to trading than she could make more money.

She added: ‘I just need the internet to do it – you can do it on phone or computer, or even while travelling.’ 

‘Sometimes I’ve found being abroad actually helps my trading…as you’re in the right time zone for different markets.’

Now Anna says she would never take a desk job again, and wouldn’t be interested in working in-house on a trading floor.

Anna says she was quick to realise the job could be ‘a goldmine’ and decided to reduce her waitressing shifts so she could focus on trading 

Anna now says she is able to make money wherever she is – and just needs her phone to make trades 

She said: ‘This is the way to live. I want to be my own manager – I can go on holiday whenever I want.’  

While she’s not 100 per cent sure of how much she is earning, she believes it’s likely to come in at around £100,000 by the end of the year.

But she’s critical of anyone who thinks it’s an easy buck, saying:’ I’ve never been stupid and I was very determined. But at school I just didn’t care.’ 

Anna advises others not to be ‘frivolous’ though, and says she makes an effort to ‘bank some’.

She said: ‘There is always a risk to trading. It is always a risk – you do have to be careful. But I know I’m going to make money each month. ‘

And there is continuing support from the financial markets – Anna explained that she was almost always in contact with her broker James, who ‘massively’ leads her on trades.

Anna acknowledged despite there is a risk to forex trading, she knows she is ‘going to make money each month’ (pictured here with her broker James, who she says massively leds her on what trades to make) 

She now enjoys designer clothes, eating at lavish restaurants and commuting around London in her Range Rover. 

Anna revealed: ‘Now I can treat my family – take them out, actually go on some holidays.’

‘I love going on holiday to Dubai – all my girlfriends love going on holiday there. And I did treat myself to a Rolex.’

Offering advice to others who may be interested in the idea of online trading, she said it’s essential to ‘avoid scammers’. 

The new career means Anna can enjoy the rest of the day to herself, and often spends her afternoons enjoying drinks with friends 

She advises others to ‘do your research’ before getting into something like forex trading, revealing there are lots of people ‘all over Instagram’ scamming people out of money

She explained: ‘Do your research. Make sure it’s a trusted financial market – there are people all over Instagram pretending to be them and scamming people out of loads of money.’ 

‘If they have a verified website, contact them through the details on that site and ask to speak to someone on the phone or a proper email.’

She added: ‘Don’t just give money over to someone – there is no such thing as a free lunch.’ 

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