Four ways to make your own ice lollies without using a mould

The “Saharan heatwave ” has struck the UK this week in a big way.

Yesterday, temperature soared to a whopping 36C in south-east England.

And in this heat, most of us are looking for ways to cool down.

Ice lollies are a favourite with adults and kids alike.

Unfortunately, if you like to eat healthily they can be a bit of a sugar trap.

But if you’d prefer to make your own – from yoghurt, fruit juice or milk – then they’re delicious and nutritious.

Most of us don’t own moulds (or they’ve gone walkabout).

Here are some clever hacks for making ice lollies at home using common items:

1. Ice Cube Trays

Well, they’re already in your freezer.

Add your favourite lolly mix to an ice cube tray and put a sheet of cling film on top.

Then stab your sticks (cocktail sticks, plastic spoons, whatever) through the film.

They’ll freeze with the sticks upright and you’ll have small, but lovely, ice lollies.

2. Yoghurt Pots

This has to be the easiest option out there.

Just stab a stick through the top of your favourite yoghurt pots and freeze.

When done, run the pot under some warm water, peel off the film and you have a yummy ice lolly.

We love doing this with Petit Filous.

3. Muffin Tins

Fill your tin with the mixture and use the cling film hack to keep the sticks in place.

If you don’t have cling film, take Pure Wow’s advice.

Mix greek yoghurt, granola and some fruit together and load into your tin.

The stick should hold itself upright due to the thick mixture.

Freeze and enjoy a breakfast-style yoghurt.

4. Loaf Tin

Make whatever mix you like – we love watermelon juice or a yoghurt mix – and pour into your loaf baking tin.

Then, use the cling film hack to add sticks along the centre a few centimetres apart.

When frozen, simply slice the loaf on their side of the stick for a yummy ice lolly.

Be aware that softer mixes, like creamy milk or yoghurt, work best with this trick.

Making them from thin juice, or pop, will be harder to cut.


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