Gonks, tinsel and door bows are tacky and common, claims etiquette expert

With just a few days to go until Christmas Day, it's likely that you have your festive decorations up now.

But are your decs 'tacky' and 'common'?

Well, they could well be, according to etiquette expert William Hanson, who has put the likes of gonks, door bows and tinsel all on his naughty list.

Talking about gonks, the expert moaned to The Sun: "Can I say the words ‘garden centre’?

"Mini statues of Father Christmas and their gonk counterparts are creepy and give visitors the feeling they're being watched."

Meanwhile, he also calls door bows 'naff', adding: "It's not going to make your door look any better."

When it comes to decorations though, William's strongest words of detest comes for tinsel – which he brands the "antichrist of all decorations".

He fumes: "Even though some trees – even royal trees in the 1980s – have been seen to have a touch of tinsel from time to time, in the modern-day, no tree, bannister or archway should be bedecked with this, the most common of Christmas accessories.

"It never looks good, is horrid to touch and is a waste of money."

Popular London attraction Winter Wonderland is also out in William's home, as he brands it a "over-hyped tack fest".

Sharing all your presents on social media is also a no-no, according to the expert, with him also branding it 'tacky'.

Even having too much food on your Christmas Day dinner plate is scolded by William.

While gravy should be thin and not thick, according to him.

We're not quite sure what he does find acceptable about the festive season…

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