‘Good Morning America’ Host Michael Strahan Shares Glimpse Of Luxury Home

Good Morning America star Michael Strahan showed a tiny glimpse into his N.Y.C. home that he shares with his 16-year-old twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella, whom he shares with his ex, Jean Muggli.

Anyone who spends even a second on Strahan’s Instagram knows that he loves to show off what life is like as a dad to twin teens. The girls often talk their famous dad into doing TikTok dances and funny skits with them. Strahan also has older children (daughter Tanita, 29, and son, Michael Jr.) whom he shares with ex, Wanda Hutchins.

The short clip that allows us to check out Strahan’s decorating chops and sense of style has him chatting with fellow former NY Giants player Carl Banks. Strahan stops the interview by saying that he has a question.

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“Well I have a question real quick,” Strahan asks Banks. “Why are we basically wearing the same shirt?”

It’s a great question because as Strahan says, both men seem to be wearing the exact same cobalt blue pullover with a silver zipper near the throat.

“Because I want to be like you,” Banks replies without missing a beat.

Strahan bursts out laughing and says that he only wished that was true.

If you can get past the coincidence and the laughter, you’ll noticed a gray-toned shelving unit in the backdrop with a few books stacked up in a tidy way. Other posts on the host’s Instagram show Strahan’s fifth “child”, his dog, Enzo enjoying the luxury New York City property. One post depicts Enzo taking in a nap on a sage-colored sofa, his back tucked into a patterned pillow, and a tiled floor and what looks to be a marble breakfast bar in the near distance while another post shows Enzo on the floor underneath a white dining table with matching patterned chairs.

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Daughters Sophia and Isabella graced one post which the former football player captioned, “Date Nights… = the best night!#LoveMyKids.” The post shows the pair of teen girls sitting at a breakfast bar with identical dinners in front of them and full glasses of water. Behind them is the same sofa that Enzo napped on as well as three full panels of windows with a set of French doors which we are assuming leads out to a balcony with what are probably incredible views.

Strahan actually owns several properties but his favorite location is the Upper West Side and not just because it’s close to his place of employment, the Good Morning America studio.

Strahan told the New York Times that he likes the N.Y.C.’s Upper West Side because “being a father, I like the family feel to it. you see mothers with strollers, people walking their dogs.”

He went onto say that he also has an affinity for the neighborhood because he’s “just Michael” as opposed to being treated as Michael Strahan, the celebrity.

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