Gordon Ramsays firm rules for Strictly star Tilly from money budgets to dating guidelines

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TV chef Gordon Ramsay is known for commanding demeanour in the kitchen. And when it comes to his family life, he's equally as strict.

As a father of five to Tilly, Megan, Jack, Holly and Oscar, Gordon and his wife Tana have some pretty harsh rules to keep their brood at bay.

From banning Strictly Come Dancing star Tilly from flying first-class to vetting potential partners, here’s the parenting rules that Gordon swears by.

He has very strict rules about her dating

Though the Ramsay family have an extremely close friendship with the Beckhams, Gordon’s rules mean that Tilly is banned from dating some very famous faces.

After Cruz Beckham shared a snap of him swimming in the sea with Tilly during an exotic getaway, Gordon explained that he’s warned his daughters from getting too close to the Beckham clan.

“Three girls and a boy, and three boys and a girl – you’d be amazed at the synergy. We’ve promised that no one dates anybody, and so far,” he said.

“If Holly said: ‘Yeah, Brooklyn and I…’ it would be: ‘No, Holly.”

And after announcing that she was joining the show, Gordon’s dating no-go list got that little bit longer for Tilly as he told her: “Don't date those dancers!”

Pocket money is to be spent wisely

Having come from humble beginnings himself, Gordon is keen to make sure his children are clued-up when it comes to their finances and privilege.

In 2017, he explained that Tilly received £50 a week in pocket money to cover everything from her phone to travel to clothing.

While daughter Megan was at university, she received a budget of £100 a week to help cover the cost of her studies.

And when it comes to inheritance, Tilly can forget that too.

“It’s definitely not going to them, and that’s not in a mean way; it’s to not spoil them,” he told The Telegraph.

She must forge her own career

Although Tilly has clearly inherited her dad’s love and skill for cooking with her presenting job on Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch, it’s clear that she’s worked hard to get to where she is today.

Despite owning a series of restaurants, Gordon has revealed his children aren’t allowed to ask him for a job. Although he will help them with their endeavours, the Ramsays must work hard to get to where they want to be.

“You want to work in this business? You f**k off to another chef, learn something different and come back with something new to improve the business,” he told a US radio station.

He will never pay her to fly first class

Rather than paying for expensive taxis or first-class flights, Tilly has a London underground pass and flies economy when on family trips.

Speaking to The Sun, Gordon said that while him and Tana indulge in luxury in first-class, his children are left to economy to help them stay grounded.

“When it comes to holidays, I told them: 'Don't you dare waste that f***ing money flying first class from here to New York – we all f***ing take off together, we all land together; think what else do with money,” he said.

Though this was met with criticism, he justified his decision by saying that his children had not yet worked hard enough to afford the lavish seats.

“I have got to keep it real with the kids, and also I think just getting kids at the age of five, six and seven, used to first class and those big seats, they do not need the space,” he explained.

Or get her a personal trainer

Given that she spends most of her time training with partner Nikita Kuzmin, Tilly won’t be in need of a personal trainer but, if she were, her dad wouldn’t be there to offer her a helping hand.

Despite being a keen Iron Man competitor and marathon runner, Gordon’s access to personal trainers is off limits for his children.

“When we trained for the marathon and enlisted a trainer, we didn't give them access – you don't need a PT when you're 18,” he said.

But despite his steely persona, Gordon has an undeniable soft spot when it comes to his kids.

In fact, after Tilly’s top-of-the-leaderboard performance on Saturday, Strictly fans spotted the chef wiping tears from his eyes as he cheered his daughter on.

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