Hairstylist shares best hairstyle for women over 40

Justin Hickox is a hairstylist with more than 25 years of experience. He took to his popular YouTube channel to share a specific hairstyle that women over 40 rock. Here’s how to recreate it and why it works so well.

In his video entitled The 3 Best Hairstyles For Women Over 40 / The Most Flattering Hairstyles Revealed!, Justin shared which haircut women over 40 “absolutely love”.

The expert stylist stated that he loves the layered bob, which is a firm “fan favourite” among women over 40.

He made an important distinction between blunt bobs and layered bobs – for this style to work its magic there must be some layering.

Indeed, he stated: “The layers play a huge role in why this is so effective and why women over 40 love this.”

While blunt bobs can be extremely chic and elegant, perhaps this style is more often worn by youngsters.

Justin explained that there is “always some form of a bob that is very current” and that it is a “timeless” chop. A bob is a cut that falls between the chin and the collarbone.

A blunt bob runs the risk of creating a triangle shape from the crown to the bottom of the head, drawing the eyes down.

A layered bob, on the other hand, can mitigate this, also allowing for more volume up top.

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Justin continued: “Those layers are going to do an incredible job of breaking up that shape, lifting the volume up where we want that volume and also taking the volume away from where we don’t want the volume.”

The expert’s favourite thing about the bob is that it can be both dressed up and dressed down depending on the occasion.

With a fun, edgy outfit a bob can look “really edgy and cool”, while in a more formal work setting, a bob can also be “polished”. This is because “bobs follow the clothing”.

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Justin’s next haircut for women over 40 is for those brave enough to go shorter than the layered bob.

He called this do the “pixie cut”, “pixie bob” or “short cut” but explained that hairstylists will have their own names for this.

A little bit of length on top plus some tapering in on the sides makes for a really chic do.

In terms of volume, these two hair hacks causes the volume to sit where the temples are.

Justin suggested that this look gives the illusion of a facelift – without the hefty price tag.

By creating volume in the temples, women can “accentuate their cheek structure and lift their face up a lot more”.

According to the expert, if it’s cut properly with these factors it mind, the shape won’t just look good styled but un-styled too – it’s “absolutely key”.

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