Handforth Parish Council star Jackie Weaver is recreated as a cake

A slice of authority! Handforth Parish Council star Jackie Weaver is immortalised as a CAKE by TV baker

  • Jackie Weaver became a star after Handforth Parish Council’s meeting went viral
  • And baker Ben Cullen, from Cheshire, turned Jackie into a giant cake sculpture
  • He used angel cake and chocolate ganache to create his edible version of Jackie
  • Jackie won admirers for kicking a ‘disruptive’ council chairman out of a meeting 
  • Brian Tolver had said she had ‘no authority at all’ and ordered her to ‘stop talking’

Jackie Weaver became an unlikely star after a Handforth Parish Council’s Zoom meeting went viral, where she booted out a council chairman who told her to ‘stop talking’.

And admiration for Jackie has reached new heights as she was made into a tasty cake by baker Ben Cullen, who starred in Netflix’s Extreme Cake Makers.

Ben, who also goes by the name The Bake King, used angel cake and chocolate ganache with sugar paste detailing to create his uncanny cake caricature of Jackie.

Speaking to the BBC, the baker, from Cheshire, admitted that he ‘couldn’t resist’ recreating Jackie in cake-form after she quickly became an internet sensation.

The star of Handforth Parish Council’s Zoom meeting Jackie Weaver has been made into a tasty cake (above) by TV baker Ben Cullen, who starred in Netflix’s Extreme Cake Makers

Ben also said that, like so many others, he found the Zoom parish council meeting ‘hilarious’ and that it helped to ‘lift people’s spirits’ amid the Covid-19 lockdown.

He told the publication: ‘The subject itself is so popular and funny currently and so people that have seen it and follow me and my work have loved my take on it.

‘My followers know I can’t help myself with topics like this or really unique characters. I just have to get involved.’

Jackie came into the spotlight after a video of Handforth Parish Council planning committee’s December meeting descending into chaos went viral.

The eventful Zoom meeting saw one person shouting ‘f*** off’, another flushing a toilet and one person shooting off to answer the front door.

But the show-stealer was acting-clerk Jackie, who kicked out council chairman Brian Tolver after he told her she has ‘no authority at all’ and ordered her to ‘stop talking’.

Jackie Weaver became an unlikely star when a council meeting that descended into chaos went viral, with Jackie booting out council chairman Brian Tolver, who told her to ‘stop talking’

And sharing his incredible cake recreation to Instagram, Ben humorously quoted council chairman Brian, writing: ‘YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY HERE JACKIE WEAVER!’

People were left stunned after seeing his edible masterpiece, saying it looked like a ‘painting’ rather than a cake and quipping that he had ‘won the internet’ with his design.

Taking to Instagram, one person simply penned: ‘This is EPIC!!!’

Another wrote: ‘Yeah, ok… you win the internet.’

While a third commented: ‘Hahahaha hahahaha Brilliant that’s made my week!!!’

And a fourth said: ‘NO WAY I can’t believe this woman is just A CAKE’

Since her fame from the council meeting video, Jackie has insisted that she did have the power to boot out the ‘disruptive’ Mr Tolver, who ordered her to ‘stop talking’.

Cheshire baker Ben, who also goes by the name The Bake King, used angel cake and chocolate ganache with sugar paste detailing to create his uncanny cake caricature of Jackie (above)

He was thrown out of the pre-Christmas hearing after he accused rival councillors of calling it illegally and yelling: ‘You have no authority here, Jackie Weaver! NO AUTHORITY AT ALL!’ 

Jackie, who chairs the Cheshire Association of Local Councillors, insisted she did have the ‘authority’ because the meeting was not called by the chairman nor the council’s official clerk.

Her action has gained her wide-spread support, with Jackie’s husband Stuart Weaver, 69 – a retired design engineer – telling MailOnline that he’s ‘proud’ of his wife for standing up to them.

In a normal parish council meeting, Jackie wouldn’t have the authority to remove someone, but because it was called by two councillors – who risked having the hearing ‘hijacked’ – she says she did.

Jackie earlier admitted that ‘there is an element of bullying and bad behaviour around in local councils’ – with councillor Peter Moore, 70, one of those on the Zoom call, describing Handforth Parish Council as a ‘den of bullying’. 

Jackie, who has worked with Handforth Parish Council on and off for nine years, said the hostility from Mr Tolver’s faction of councillors was hardly a surprise. 

Jackie recently told MailOnline: ‘I had the authority to kick them of the call. They shout all the statements about it being illegal but I’ve been doing this for 25 years.

‘If it had been a normal parish meeting I wouldn’t have had the authority to do that.’

She added: ‘They were annoyed because I wouldn’t tolerate their behaviour. My life is usually very dull and this doesn’t normally happen.

‘I would normally ask someone else to go to the meeting but I thought something might kick off, so I thought I go and do it myself.’ 

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