Hilarious pictures of unexpected things that left people in stitches

Didn’t see that coming! Hilarious snaps reveal the unexpected situations that left people doing a double take

  • People from the US have shared the hilarious unpected things people faced 
  • A person received visit from polar bear while working on Arctic research vessel
  • In another snap, a little girl is visibly impressed by a massice ice cream dessert  

When you’ve had a bit of a suprise that leaves you reeling, it’s always handy when someone’s there with a camera to capture the moment in a perfectly-timed snap. 

Now the US-based website Diply has collated a hilarious gallery of images of people in situations they could not have seen coming. 

One person on research vessel was visited by a friendly polar bear looking for a snack during a mission to the Arctic. 

In another snap, a wedding party was caught mid-gasp after the photographer fell while taking their picture. 

One adorable picture showed a little girl looking visibly impressed and quite alarmed by a humongous ice-cream dessert served at a restaurant. 

People in the US have shared funny pictures of unexpected things that happened to others. One man on a research vessel in the Arctic received a surprise visit from a Polar Bear 

This little man was not expecting the water to burst out of the hose when he set out to water the garden

A poor little girl received a big fright when a hen suddenly flew in her face during a family outing 

This family from Costa Rica looked stunned when a raccoon decided to sneakily steal their lunch 

This US army officer was told he could come to work in a costume, and was surprised to find he was the only ine that had dressed up 

This adorable little girl was not expecting this amount of ice-cream when she ordered her dessert

That’s gotta hurt! This grass hockey player was unexpectedly hit in the head by another player’s stick 

Disappointing! One restaurant customer was annoyed when their fortune cooking read a matter-of-fact message 

This wedding party was caught gasping when their photographer fell halfway through taking this picture 

A girlfriend was socked when her boyfriend brought her an ice-cream sandwich made with actual bread 

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