H&M, Boohoo and ASOS are slammed over excess packaging

Shoppers slam H&M, Boohoo and ASOS over ‘excessive’ use of plastic used to wrap their orders – with one fashion fan receiving SEVEN pieces of packaging for just one ring

  • Shoppers are launching a war on plastic, calling out high street chains over excessive plastic with H&M, Boohoo and ASOS among those targeted
  • On Twitter, people have posted photos of the ‘excessive’ plastic in their orders 
  • One fashion fan revealed that she ordered eight bikinis and each bottom and top had come individually wrapped in plastic  
  • ASOS has defended its plastic use, saying: ‘Customers can send all ASOS packaging back to us with returns and we’ll recycle it into new bags’ 

Frustrated shoppers tired of receiving their purchases in ‘excessive’ packaging, often single-use plastic, are calling out retailers on social media. 

One Twitter user, calling for a petition against online fashion giant ASOS, has seen his post liked nearly 30,000 times. 

@calimadu took to the social media site earlier this week, saying: ‘Petition for ASOS and boohoo to come up with more sustainable packaging rather than separately wrapping clothes in plastic bags before it goes into one big plastic bag… it’s so unnecessary?’  

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Shoppers are increasingly calling out online retailers over the amount of packaging – often single-use plastic – they’ve received with their orders including this fashion fan who counted seven pieces for one ring

In response, shoppers have been sharing their own experiences of receiving often small items individually wrapped in layers of single-use plastic.  

@TobyStanding tweeted ASOS saying: ‘All well and good claiming you’re into clean air, but this much plastic packaging for a tiny order? Bit disappointing’ after receiving a collection of plastic and paper wrapping for a single item.  

@sb85roxyroi wrote: ‘We need to challenge companies such as #asos #prettylittlething #BooHoo for all their plastic use for good being delivered, why can’t it be in a box or wrapped in paper?’ 

@izzyAwills revealed: ‘And @hm @hm_custserv I ordered 8 bikinis and every top/pair of bottoms came in an individual plastic bag?’  

@benhben was less than happy with the way his summer purchases arrived, writing: ‘This is the amount of single use plastic from an order of three T shirts and a pair of flip flops. @ASOS @ASOS_HeretoHelp will you help against single use plastics? #SaveOurOcean #saveourseas #singleuseplastic #plasticpollution’

Responding to @calimadu’s call for a petition, ASOS said: ‘You can send all your ASOS packaging back to us with your returns & we’ll recycle it into new bags.’

The company also pointed out that its ‘white noise bags are made from 50 per cent recycled plastic’ and added: ‘We’re hard at work on projects that’ll help us move away from single-use.’

MailOnline has contacted Boohoo and H&M for comment. 

Last year, Amazon came under fire for its oversized packaging for small items. 

One customer blasted the goliath as ‘absolutely ridiculous’ after Amazon put a single net curtain rod in a box almost the size of his dining table.

Mark Waddington, of Skipton, North Yorkshire, ordered the 70cm by 1cm rod from the firm from the website for £10.49.

To his disbelief, the item arrived in a box that he estimates could have contained up to 50 of the rods.

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