Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for April 1


Love is in the air. With you feeling so positive, cheerful and inspired, others are naturally drawn to you. Are you single and looking for love? If so, you won’t need a love-potion to attract romantic attention. Your natural charisma is all that is needed to do the trick.


A workmate or fellow student will be enthusiastic, energetic and assertive. You are feeling the opposite; more on the lazy side. That’s why when some previously made arrangements go sadly wrong, you won’t be in the mood to do anything to put them right.


It won’t be planned but booking a spontaneous trip, holiday or outing will be just the kind of excitement your life might need at the moment. Someone will suggest a last-minute bargain which could whisk you off to a far-off location with hardly time to pack a suitcase.


You may have to juggle your weekly expenses in order to be able to afford new and unexpected financial demands. Social events are on the increase and this too is putting a strain on your finances. Don’t be tempted to cut corners in your haste to finish a boring task. Be sure all loose-ends are properly tied-up.


If a close relationship is going through a troubled time, the sooner you sit down and discuss things, the better. A good honest and open heart-to-heart chat will do wonders in helping to bring the pair of you back together again. Make time for the people who are most important in your life.


You aren’t in the mood to make plans or to be organised about how you approach your day. You long for change and variety and this could take you to areas you don’t visit very often. You are happy to just take off with a friend and to wait and see whatever might come your way.


You appreciate the good things in your life and more importantly, you want your family and friends to know how grateful you are for their support and kindness. It is the fact that people really do care that makes your life so much happier and your future prospects seem far brighter.


Exercise is a healthy outlet for the restlessness you are feeling. Book a trip for the near future for if there is nothing but routine planned for the days to come, you will start to feel more stifled and more aware of a desperate need for change.


You don’t feel you have the energy to cope with everything. Overwork is taking its toll on your health. You really could do with a few days off even if this means annoying your boss. There are some things you can’t avoid having to do. You will simply have to pull yourself together and make sure they are dealt with.


Your ability to remain calm will put you at a slight advantage over others who start to panic in an emergency situation. While everyone is rushing around madly trying to sort out problems, you will be quietly thinking things through. That way, solutions will present themselves quite quickly.


You feel you have made enough sacrifices for others and it is time to pursue your passion. This will mean spending less time with family and friends and more time doing things you love. You would appreciate their understanding. After all, you have never stopped them from going after their goals.


A personal success boosts your poise and confidence. Talks in the family will start you thinking about making a fresh approach to life. You might get the urge to correct a past mistake, clear up a misunderstanding and basically start again with a clean slate.

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