Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Sunday, July 24

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An offer received is exciting, unexpected and feels like a dream come true but don’t get too excited too soon. There will be more to consider before accepting this proposition than the simple fact this is something you have always wanted to do.


It won’t be easy to slow down, or to stop what you are doing to help someone else when you just want to get on, in your own way. Still, spending a little time trying to keep on everyone’s good side should guarantee that group projects will go well in the future.


Someone you get talking to today could be in a position to provide solutions to some irritating problems you have recently had that have caused you a few sleepless nights. In addition to this you could find their confidence and positivity makes them exceptionally good company.


Work concerns that had you worried earlier in the week will now be resolved satisfactorily. Long term prospects are looking much brighter as long as you take a realistic approach to finances. You could do with some peace and quiet and you will find this by sticking to your home turf.


A sports event will bring much anticipation and excitement. Even if it does not go as anticipated, you will enjoy the atmosphere which will be incredible. At home, suggest new arrangements that are on your mind. Some members of your family will actually welcome a change.


You’ve been hoping to start on a hobby you’ve been interested in for some time but other things kept getting in the way. Today, you won’t feel guilty about deciding to put your own wishes first and to do what you want to do, no matter what other people might say.


Someone is trying to take advantage of your tendency to agree to what they want in order to keep the peace. What they don’t realise is you can be very stubborn too especially when something means a lot to you. You are quite prepared to stand up to anyone who tries to stand in your way.


Someone who hasn’t had an easy time of it of late will be glad to have you to lean on. You are happy to be there when they need you, especially when this helps make up for a time in the past when you feel, due to circumstances at the time, you let them down.


A committee will soon be meeting to decide on the fate of a project you are involved in. Results of some efforts have been slow and you are starting to realise you must be more practical and organised if you want people to take you seriously.


A backlog has a lot to do with absenteeism in the workplace. Whether colleagues are off due to illness or holidays, you seem to be the one who has been chosen to carry their load. You could do without it but you can’t argue with the boss.


An older relative feels aggravated because of transport problems. They will take their frustration out on you. A situation could be costly to resolve and because this crops up quite suddenly, all you can do is make a quick decision and find the money to put it right.


Family matters have not been getting the attention they deserve. Because of this, home life might seem disappointing and disorganised. Keep your chin up. Although it will be upsetting at the time, you can handle this brief period of stress and tension.

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