Horrified woman realises boyfriend is living double life after Googling his name

A woman found out her boyfriend was living a double life for the whole time they were together.

Priscilla, from Washington, US, was with her partner for about 18 months.

She was convinced that he was "the one" until she Googled his name for the first time.

In the first clip she posted on TikTok, she said: "Randomly Googling my boyfriend's name on a Friday night…

"Finds his baby registry from January of this year… finds out said baby is 6 months old…"

To give more details behind the shocking discovery, Pris explained that they were on a trip and her boyfriend allegedly lost his phone before they had to fly out.

She says: "We were on a different flight and I fly before him.

"So he said 'whenever I get a phone, I will talk to you.' It was last night and I just happened to have a sudden urge to Google him."

The man told her he has no social media so she couldn't find anything about him on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

"So I Google him and at first it was like, regular stuff… like, old football things and whatever," she continues.

"And then I come across a baby registry that was registered at a Target that is a couple towns over."

Pris found it weird – especially as her ex boyfriend has a very uncommon surname.

She later discovered more about the baby's mother, who happened to share their family photo on Instagram.

"The baby looks exactly like him, 1000% like him," Pris said.

"I keep scrolling until I see her maternity pictures and it was all there.

"He was there holding the baby."

Pris decided to contact the woman – and the two of them sat down for a chat.

She realised her boyfriend dated both of them at the same time, but the other woman ended up getting pregnant.

Since the drama unfolded, she has not been able to get in contact with her boyfriend – and was gutted that she didn't have a closure on the matter.

"Everything happens for a reason. Better I found out now rather than however long he was going to keep this going on for," she added.

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