How Charli DAmelio Became One Of The Most Influential Creators Of All Time And Made Her $20 Million Fortune

Dancer and social media personality Charli D’Amelio is widely known for her dancing videos on the video-sharing app TikTok.  She started posting videos on TikTok in 2019 and has created a following since then. She has become the most followed creator on the app. As a result of her fame on the app, she has scored numerous sponsorships, brand deals, podcast contract and even a TV deal. She also launched a nail polish collection and even partnered for a clothing line with Hollister. With her talent and skills, she was able to amass a whopping net worth of $20 million. Take a look at how Charlie started her career and how she was able to build her empire.

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Charli D’Amelio’s Early Life

Charli D’Amelio was born on May 1, 2004 in Norwalk, Connecticut. She is the daughter of former model Heidi D’Amelio and the former Republican Connecticut Senate candidate Marc D’Amelio. Charli has an older sister named Dixie who is also one of the famous social media influencers these days. At an early age of three, Charlie has begun dancing and was even trained as a competitive dancer for over ten years. This has been her dream and she wanted to be a famous dancer before she started her career as a TikTok celebrity which she began in 2019. She has attended the private school named King School in Stamford however she eventually started attending the school virtually when she rose to prominence because of TikTok.

In May 2019, she started posting a lip syncing video she recorded with her friend on TikTok. Her first video gained some traction and she then went on to do a duet video with the user Move with Joy which was then posted on July 2019. Since then, she has focused on releasing dancing videos to the trending songs on the app. She then gained more exposure after her video dancing to the song of K Camp titled Lottery with the dance called Renegade.

Joining TikTok Content House ‘The Hype House’

When her Renegade dance went viral, a lot of TikTok users have called her CEO of Renegade. At the time, she was mainly credited for popularizing the dance move on social media however she was falsely credited for creating the dance since it was dancer Jalaiah Harmon who created the choreography for the Renegade dance. D’Amelio received huge backlash after Jalaiah Harmon came forward about it and D’Amelio failed to credit her for the dance. Since then, D’Amelio started crediting all the creators of her dance to avoid criticisms.

After months of her TikTok fame, she decided to join The Hype House, collaborative TikTok content house, in November 2019 with her sister Dixie. During that time, a former Sony Music executive named Barbara Jones signed her to join Jones’ management company called Outshine Talent. However she went to sign up with another talent agency called United Talent Agency with the rest of her family in January 2020.

Gaining Popularity And Bagging Brand and TV Deals

With D’Amelio’s fame starting to blossom, she was invited by Bebe Rexha to perform alongside her during the opening performance of the singer for the Jonas Brothers in November 2019. During that time, she also started her YouTube channel. With the continuous fame D’Amelio is gaining, she was invited to appear in some a Super Bowl commercial for the Sabra Hummus with other celebrities in February 2020. The following month, she made an appearance at the Nickelodeon television special #KidsTogether: The Nickelodeon Town Hall in March 2020. That same month, she has partnered with UNICEF to campaign against bullying and also collaborated with Procter & Gamble to create #DistanceDance challenge which is a campaign on TikTok to encourage everyone to practice social distancing.

With her active involvement in numerous shows and campaign, she has become the most followed user on TikTok and the first TikTok user to reach 50 million followers. She seems unstoppable as she went on to snag more deals and shows. In May 2020, she announced that she had a podcast deal with Ramble Podcast Network with her sister Dixie. That same month, she decided to leave Hype House and then starred as Tinker in the animated children’s film StarDog and TurboCat. She also partnered with the Morphe Cosmetics launching a makeup line called Morphe 2. She went on to sign numerous brand deals through the course of her career including Dunkin’ Donuts, Hollister, and a lot more. With her fame and influence on the online community, she signed a contract to star in Hulu docuseries The D’Amelio Show alongside her family which started in September 2021.

Business Ventures With D’Amelio Family

With the fame and wealth she gained through the years, she was able to build an empire with her family. The D’Amelio family started a management company where they will handle media deals, brand partnerships and investments. The management company is being run and handled by competent employees. D’Amelio’s enterprise currently handles the following deals for every member of the family including licensing deals with other companies, endorsement deals, partnership with brands and a lot more. Because of the numerous brand deals and partnership the entire family is signing, they have become a multimillion-dollar company and resulted to millions of dollars for the pocket of every D’Amelio family member.

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