How Does Kate Middleton Know When She Can Defy Royal Protocol?

Being married to a handsome prince is the ultimate fairy tale for just about anyone. However, it is important to keep in mind that royal life is not always easy. Members of the royal family are constantly being followed by photographers, wild rumors get started about their personal lives, and there is a long list of rules that they are required to adhere to.

As amazing as it sounds to live a life of royalty, it can also be stressful. Kate Middleton, for example, may seem to have an absolutely perfect life, but she can’t simply wake up in the morning and do whatever she pleases. Let’s take a look at how the Duchess of Cambridge knows exactly when she has to follow the rules and when she is able to defy royal protocol.

What rules must Kate Middleton follow?

As a future queen, Kate is slightly more bound to the rules than other family members, such as her sister-in-law Meghan Markle. Whenever she is making an official appearance, Kate is constantly in front of the cameras, and therefore, must be picture perfect at all times. She has an absolutely amazing sense of style but must remember that dresses are to come to the knee or longer, pantyhose must always be worn, and no wedge heels are allowed. In addition, makeup must be natural and elegant at all times, neatly done with no bright nail polish.

It’s not only about Kate Middleton’s outfits

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The rules certainly do not end after Kate is done dressing for an event. When she is out and about, the duchess must sit in a way that has come to be known as the “duchess slant”, legs and knees together, with the ankles crossed and slightly tilted. Kate must even remember to hold her teacup in the proper way, and when she is having a meal in the presence of the queen, she must stop eating when her majesty does. Kate knows that she is responsible for behaving in a very specific way, such as always curtsying to Queen Elizabeth, and wearing hats and tiaras when appropriate.

Kate Middleton was a commoner

Before attending college at the University of Saint Andrews and meeting Prince William, Kate was a commoner just like the rest of us. This means that she entered the royal family having to learn the rules of royal etiquette, even going through special training to make sure that she had the protocol down pat. It would appear as if her efforts have paid off, though, since we rarely see Kate so must as get flustered.

Does Kate Middleton ever break protocol?

Although Kate seems perfectly poised at all times, even a future queen must bend the rules just a little. The Duchess of Cambridge has, on occasion, been seen in dresses that are slightly shorter than expected, and she has broken out the wedge heels more than once. Kate is also very hands-on with her children, and although the family has a nanny, just as royal protocol dictates, she is very adamant about interacting with her kids whenever the time allows.

How does Kate Middleton know when she can defy royal protocol?

It would seem that Kate knows how to do this by simply not taking it too far. She doesn’t fully break the rules, she simply bends them a little at times. This way, Kate knows that she gets to have a little freedom by putting her own twist on things, while not defying the queen’s wishes. What a win-win for everyone.

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