How managing blood sugar levels can help with feeling less gloomy in the winter

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As the last of the sunshine fades away and the winter months loom over us we can tend to feel a little gloomier.

Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is often shortened to SAD, is a seasonal depression where sufferers feeling down and lethargic in winter months, and relief in the summer.

People are most affected in December, January and February and celebrities are included in this, with Natalie Imbrulgia and Miley Cyrus both being open about their battle.

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Natalie struggled after moving from Australia to Britain, while Miley used a SAD lamp during the filming for Hannah Montana as she'd often work long hours.

While there's not much that can be done about the winter, there are a few ways we can help ourselves to feel better…


The higher your caffeine and sugar intake is the more extreme your mood swings can be, so cut out completely if you can, or lower the amount if that proves too difficult (we’re only human after all!). Eat every three hours to prevent blood sugar levels dropping too.


Begin each day with a refreshing shower to get yourself in the right mood for the hours ahead. Sing a show tune for extra points.

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Exercise gives a natural high thanks to the brain releasing chemicals called endorphins, which make us happier, more alert and calmer. Do your workout during daylight hours for an additional boost.


CBD oil has been a popular addition to our cupboards the last year, and it’s no surprise as it helps to manage stress and anxiety. Try the CannaiGold ’s newest Terpenes+ products which include gold hemp and terpenes, which further enhance the benefits.

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