How Sonia Kruger will be celebrating the year that was

If there’s someone with cause to celebrate, it’s Sonia Kruger. The gorgeous 54-year-old TV presenter is totally nailing life, love and work – with a shiny new job and a thriving business venture. We find out the secret to her staying power.

Notes du Nord dress from Christensen Copenhagen. Credit:Jedd Cooney

Are you a life-of-the-party girl or a secret homebody?
I can be a homebody, but I’m usually one of those people who are bang-up for a party! My friends know that if we go out it’s going to be fun and we’re going to have a good time.

Do you prefer hosting a party or being a guest?
I’m a terrible host. I threw a party once and all I had to serve people was vodka and pine nuts! That
was in my younger, single days.

I’m probably a bit more organised these days – I at least have a bit more food in the fridge. I know people who are amazing at entertaining but unfortunately I’m not that person. I think I’m a far better guest.

Ginger & Smart dress.Credit:Jedd Cooney

What’s your go-to party outfit?
I like to be comfortable for a party. I love a flowy maxi-dress and a pretty, strappy sandal. New Year’s Eve is usually a warm night, so comfort is key.

No heels?
No! I do high heels so much for work that I really like to mooch around in flats when I’m on holiday.

Are you planning an elaborate Christmas shindig?
We’re heading overseas this year in search of a white Christmas. Maggie [Sonia’s four-year-old daughter] has never been to the snow, and Craig [McPherson, her partner] has never been either. I want them to experience the magic of a white Christmas.

So, no maxi-dress and sandals?
No, it might be moon boots and a lurex ski suit!

Rebecca Vallance top. Kate Spade skirt. Credit:Jedd Cooney

How do you pace yourself with so many events on?
I do a “pre-tox”. I like to space out my events. If you give yourself days in between where you look after yourself and you’re still finding time to exercise and eat right, then you feel more free to actually enjoy yourself and have a glass of wine.

If you’re not looking after yourself at all, then the guilt just builds through the season. And by the end of it, you’re like “bleurgh”.

Tell us about your dance-based fitness and nutritional program, Strictly You.

I’ve done a lot of exercise over the years and the one time I’ve never felt like I was exercising was when I was dancing. It’s one of the things we can do to stay fit, toned and in shape. We came up with the idea of the website and meal plans.

Ginger & Smart dress.Credit:Jedd Cooney

How’s the program going?
It’s been really well received. There are thousands of Australian women who have come on board. The feedback we get on the community page is great, they’re loving it. They film themselves doing the routines in their living rooms and they’re making the meals, which is great. We try to put some fun routines in, too. We’ve done a bit of disco this time around. It’s teaches you co-ordination and
how to dance, so you can bust out some moves on New Year’s Eve!

What are the meal plans like?
It’s all calorie-calculated. You put in your information and your goal weight, it calculates how much you should be eating. Then it will give you the meal plan to make that happen: here’s your breakfast, snacks, what you should have for lunch … If you stick to that, you will hit your goal weight. I’m not a natural cook, I’m not great in the kitchen, but the meal plan is so simple and quick that even I can do it.

Motherhood, a new television gig and a new business – how do you juggle it all?
As they say, “If you do something you love, you’ll never do a day of work in your life.” It feels like that for me.

Fashion editor Penny McCarthy. Photographer Jedd Cooney. Hair Jaala Brinsmead. Make-up Simone Forte.

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