How to get a McDonald's Big Mac and fries for £1.99 every time – and it's totally legit

MCDONALD'S fan can grab the burger giant's classic Big Mac for less than £2 every time.

All you need to do is fill out a quick feedback survey from a previous visit to the fast food chain.

To redeem the offer you need an old McDonald's receipt from a previous trip no longer than 60 days ago. 

Or you can buy a cheap item from the fast food chain if you don't have an old receipt to hand.

If you order from a self-service kiosk, don't forget to print the receipt. 

A 12 digit code will be printed on the proof of purchase, and you can enter this McDonald's Food for Thought website to need to fill out a quick survey regarding your recent trip.

You'll then receive a five digit code which is your voucher for the £1.99 offer, so jot it down. 

This five digit code can be used in any McDonald's branch to get a Big Mac and fries for £1.99.

Otherwise it costs around £4.79, so you can save £2.80 with the lesser-known rewards offer – roughly half price.

If a Big Mac isn't your thing, you can choose a Fillet-O-Fish, or Vegetable Deluxe instead, and you can swap out the fries for a side salad if you prefer.

Either combination will still only cost £1.99 with the code.

There is no minimum spend required to get the 12 digit code, so technically you could buy the cheapest thing on the menu and still get the discount.

Customers can use the offer multiple times but each code only redeems one Big Mac and fries so you'll need a different receipt each time.

The fast food giant also said the codes can be tracked to avoid fraudulent activity, so you can’t just write five random numbers on your receipt.

You have 60 days from receiving a receipt to claim your voucher, after that you'll need a new receipt with a fresh 12 digit code. 

Once you've got your five digit code, you'll be issued a new personal expiration date to use it by.

Just remember to ask for the receipt and keep it safe as you won't be able to claim the deal without it.

McDonald's has brought back the popular McSpicy burger as part of a menu shake up.  

But that means fans can no longer order the Big Tasty burger or Creme Egg McFlurry, which have been axed.

If you fancy a Maccies breakfast, find out what time the fast food chain switches to its lunchtime menu.


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